Arizona Man Charged With Negligent Homicide After Shooting, Killing his Girlfriend

A Mesa, Arizona man has been charged after he shot and killed his17-year-old girlfriend in what he says was an accidental shooting.

The incident took place Tuesday, July 18, 2017, at 8th Street and Mesa Drive. Police called to investigate a shooting found 19-year-old Luis Angel Gonzalez and his young girlfriend, who was pronounced dead at the scene

Gonzalez stayed with police and is reportedly cooperating with the investigation.

The suspect told investigators “he had his finger on the trigger when he picked up his gun to look at it”. That’s when he accidentally fired the gun, which shot his girlfriend in the forehead.

Police have charged with one count of negligent homicide for the death of his girlfriend, but here again is another reason for us to continually stress the importance of adhering to the four rules of gun safety.

If Gonzalez had followed them, his 17-year-old girlfriend would most likely be alive today.