Top 5 Gun Movies: The Best Gun-Action Films

Okay, so yesterday, somebody sent me the following YouTube video asking, “WTH is this?! Why is it gun guy movies?! I love these movies! What does being a guy have to do with any of this?!”


Well, I wasn’t that upset (excessive punctuation much?), but she’s right. I love gun movies. I’m probably more of a Bruce Willis fan than I should be, according to my husband. I’d 100% rather watch RED than Twilight.

Come on, who doesn’t think this is kick ass?!?


In this episode of TFBTV, James goes over what he thinks are the Top 5 movies from a gun guy’s perspective by using input from a poll completed by Patreon supporters to populate the list.

According to the post:

Gun porn need not apply, as all of these movies had positive critical acclaim, and a couple are even Academy Award nominees – you don’t need to watch a bad film to see a good gun movie.

Without further ado, HERE are the TOP 5 GUN-ACTION MOVIES:

Sound off: Do you agree with the list?

What movies would you remove or add to it?

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