Florida Sheriff Considers Concealed Carry Permit Holders the "First Line of Defense"

Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, FL, who has posted videos declaring “we can’t afford to sit back and wait for the next act of terrorism”, doesn’t worry about being politically correct, “just correct.”


“If you are a concealed carry permit holder, carry your guns with you. It’s not doing you any good at the house, it’s not doing you any good in the car.”

Ivey and his office advocate for what Ivey calls the four A’s of survival: Arm yourself, Awareness, Avoidance, and Attack.

“You have to be prepared to be the first line of defense,” he advises.

Their course, called Self-Defense Through Tactical Shooting and Decision Making, is designed to teach not only when to shoot, but when not to shoot as well.

The Sheriff also praises the Brevard County citizens, pointing out they protect the sheriffs as much as the sheriffs protect them.


Along that line, are there certain places you frequent because of their firearms policy?

For example, two years ago on Veterans Day, our bank was closed. My husband and I happened to be driving past our local credit union here in Northeast Wisconsin and noticed they were open. I remembered I had gotten an advertisement from them about refinancing auto loans, so we decided to stop in.


I dutifully disarmed, placed my S&W M&P Shield 9MM into my Hornady RAPiD safe and walked up to doors where I noticed, or rather didn’t notice, a “No Guns Allowed” sign.

When I inquired about the lack of a sign, the receptionist told me the board of directors encourages members to carry in all their locations to protect themselves, each other and their employees should a threat enter any building.

Needless to say, we moved all our accounts; business, personal checking and savings, auto loans, and even our kids’ accounts over to the credit union immediately. I also made it very clear to our bank why they had lost our business.

Is there a business in your area that welcomes concealed carry permit holders and their firearms?

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