Compared to Clinton, Carson is the true champion of women

How many times has it been said, “Just because you make a baby, it doesn’t mean you’re a father?”

The fact is it takes more than just contributing your biology to be a father.


The same should be said about women in politics. Just because you are a woman, it does not mean you are a champion of women and the issues that are important to them. Issues such as economic disparity and wage gap compared to male counterparts, access to educational and career opportunities, and because of liberal feminism, the polarizing issue of being able to kill an unborn child on demand and without reason.

Even though Hillary R. Clinton could run for president in 2016, she should not get the female vote simply for being one. Especially when there is someone, whom if he were to run for President of the United States, would truly be a parent to women’s issues, and not just a biological contributor per se, like Clinton. A man, who unlike Clinton, lived through women’s issues and was directly impacted by them growing up.

That man is world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin S.  Carson Sr.

Carson and his brother were raised by their single mother, Sonya Carson. Sonya was one of 24 children and grew up in foster care. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she was only able to obtain a third grade education. She was married by the time she was 13, happy to escape the foster care system. After finding out her husband, who was 15 years her senior, had another family, she divorced him and braved raising her children on her own with little education, support or money.


The retired Johns Hopkins University surgeon understands women’s issues because he was directly affected by many of the same issues women have faced, as the result of his mother’s unfortunate circumstances. Lack of education and opportunity, poverty, and the effects of abandonment by not only her parents, but also her spouse.

Carson witnessed first-hand the woman in his life struggle to make ends meet for her family. His mother often worked two to three jobs to provide meager living conditions. Because of her lack of educational opportunity during her years in foster care, her options were limited to say the least. She often cleaned homes and managed to scrape together what little funds she had to provide only the basic essentials.

The surgeon has always been open about his mother’s struggle.

“She worked 2-3 jobs at a time because she didn’t want to be on welfare,” he said. “Even though she only had a third-grade education, she was very observant, and she noticed that no one she saw go on welfare came off of it. So she didn’t want to be dependent, and she didn’t want us to be dependent either, so she would work as long and as hard as was necessary.”

Clinton on the other hand, grew up in a household with a mother and a father. Her father was a successful business owner and her mother was fortunate to be able to stay at home and care for the family. According to Biography, “She was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, a picturesque suburb located 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.”


She was involved in politics at a very young age and attended Wellesley College. She became the first student in the history of the college to give the commencement address. After Wellesley she went on to Yale where she obtained her law degree and met her future husband, William J. “Bill” Clinton, the 42nd president.

She moved to Arkansas to be with the future president, and became one of only two women faculty members at the School of Law for the University of Arkansas. She would later become the First Lady, a Senator representing New York State and served as secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s first term.

By any measure, Clinton leads a charmed life. Judging by her accomplishments, it does not seem there was much adversity she faced as a woman.

She has read or listened to the struggles of other women, but according to her life biography it appears she did not face the women’s issues like Carson did, or any other kids raised by single moms.

As secretary of state she did nothing to help the plight of women around the world. She ignored their atrocities while meeting with their, often times, cruel leaders, addressing economic and climate change issues, but nothing of substance for the women who were under their abusive rule. Even when asked by Diane Sawyer what her greatest accomplishment was, the self-proclaimed champion of women could not provide an adequate answer.


In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, she said while working in the Obama Administration they were addressing such women’s issues as global health and climate change. Climate change? Climate change is far from the issues women list of great importance to them. Perhaps it shows just how out of touch Clinton is with women’s issues.

Mrs. Clinton also believes in abortion on demand. She has spent years advocating for women to be able to kill their children at will. In a New York Times article, dated January 22, 2000 she stated, “I am and always have been pro-choice, and that is not a right any of us should take for granted. There are a number of forces at work in our society that would try to turn back the clock and undermine a woman’s right to choose, and [we] must remain vigilant.

On the other hand, Carson has devoted his entire life to saving children. Even children that he was told were not worth saving because of their deplorable condition.

In a Washington Times article he recalls, “A couple of decades ago, I came into the pediatric Intensive Care Unit on morning rounds and was told about a four-year-old girl who had been hit by an ice cream truck, and was comatose and exhibiting little neurological function other than reactive pupils. I tested her pupillary reflexes and both pupils were fixed and dilated. The staff indicated to me that this is something that must have just occurred. I grabbed the bed and with some help, transported her quickly to the operating room for an emergency craniotomy. I was met along the way by a senior neurosurgeon who told me I was wasting my time and that at best, we would end up with someone in a vegetative state. Nevertheless, we completed the operation and a few days later, her pupils became reactive and she eventually left the hospital. I saw her a few years ago walking through the hospital with her own 4-year-old little girl. She was neurologically fully intact and told me she had become somewhat of a celebrity because of the experience I just related. What do these two stories have in common? They both involve precious lives that could easily have been discarded.”


Clinton has lived a charmed life finding success all the way to her most recent accomplishment of secretary of state. It appears she has been able to obtain success with ease. While her hard work and accomplishments are commendable, she has not really been affected nor truly lived the women’s issues.

She never faced poverty, lack of access to educational opportunities, or lack of advancement in employment for being a woman. She has held the same jobs and some far superior to her male counterparts. She does not value the sanctity and opportunity of life of all women because she believes other women have the right to abort them.

Carson however, experienced great poverty due to his mother’s lack of access to a proper education and a stable home. He experienced the adversity a woman can face without actually being one. He overcame poverty, being a minority in a poor area, and lack of access to good schools to become the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

He also values the lives of women from the womb to the tomb. He has worked his entire career saving people who were hopeless with their condition. He didn’t just fix them, he valued each and every one of their lives.

If former secretary of state Clinton and Carson run for President, it is clear based on facts, that Carson handily deserves the vote of women.


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