Sousa IV: Carson supports gun rights

The great grandson of famous composer John Philip Sousa Sr., the man leading the parade to draft Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Sr., as candidate for president told Guns & Patriots renowned surgeon will not disappoint supports of the Second Amendment.


“Carson is very clear, on this issue. All you have to do is look at his recent statement on gun issues and the second amendment,” said John Phillip Sousa IV, who is the national chairman of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee Super PAC.

Sousa, who is also a Second Amendment supporter said he dismisses the criticism of Carson by pro-gun rights advocates, and is convinced Carson would never attempt to alter or amend the Second Amendment.

Sousa said he is protective of his family name and proactive in preserving the integrity of his heritage.

The former Reagan aide said he chose to lend his name to the Carson draft movement cognizant of the weight of his family heritage.

“I am a patriot and I love my country as did my great grandfather,” he said.

“One of his nicknames was the Pied Piper of Patriotism–while I am certainly very biased and I will readily admit that, I think his contributions are right up there with the founding fathers,” Sousa said. “There is no way in this world I can do anything even remotely to duplicate or try to keep pace with his sensational contribution to the USA. Lending my name is simply my little tiny way of trying to do something that will have a long term highly beneficial effect on the direction our country is taking. So if lending my name helps raise money and visibility then I am more than excited to do that.”


Concerns about Carson’s support for gun rights are out there, he said.

While on Glenn Beck’s radio program, Carson was asked for this thoughts on the Second Amendment and the doctor said: “There’s a reason for the Second Amendment, people do have the right weapons.”

When Beck was more specific asking whether people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons,” Carson replied: It depends on where you live.”

The answer has been taken out of context, Sousa said.

Carson’s full answer was: “‘I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that semi-automatic weapons are going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it,'” he said. Carson continued: “If you live out in the country somewhere by yourself and want a semi-automatic weapon, I’ve no problem with that.”

In the past, the former neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore supported gun registration, but not anymore, Sousa said.

Now Carson understands that  registry is the first step towards confiscation, he said.

“I believe Dr. Carson responded to the question as a doctor and human being. But he has made his position one hundred percent clear, don’t mess with the second amendment and people shouldn’t have to register their guns,” he said.

On that point, Sousa said Carson is now clear that citizens should not have to registry guns with the government: “If you register them they just come and find you and take your guns. If we were only concerned about external forces, then we would be okay, but there are some pretty sinister internal forces.”


Sousa said he believes that when the first comments were made about semi-automatic weapons, prior to the question Beck and Carson had been talking about his career at John Hopkins Hospital as a neurosurgeon, “So his frame of mind was in regards to being a neurosurgeon, and here is a gentleman who has spent years trying to put children back together again that have been wounded by these kinds of guns in downtown Baltimore.”

In the more general sense, Carson will be a conservative healer as president, he said. “He will be a healer for this Nation, that he will defend the Constitutional rights of America’s citizens, and that he will turn this country around before it hits the iceberg.”

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