School Tells 16-Year-Old Student to Remove Gun Video

The media has ignored Conservative students who have been actively vocal about gun rights since the Parkland, Florida shooting. They want you to think there is no support for guns among teenagers. This is patently false. There are plenty of high school kids who support the Second Amendment. Many of these kids go to public school. Sadly, they are attacked daily by their liberal peers either through words or physically. On top of that, there is a copious amount of leftist teachers and administrators who attempt to silence conservative students because gun rights and conservative values are “offensive.” Take for example 16 year-old Elizabeth Najjar from Chantilly, VA who was asked by her school to remove a video she posted on Facebook.


During the live stream, Najjar shared her thoughts on the Second Amendment and spoke out against her high school. The video chronicled a recent incident that occurred between her and the school administration after she wore a Smith and Wesson baseball cap to school. There were no guns printed on the hat, just the mean, scary brand name of a famous firearm company. Terrible isn’t it? Najjar was asked meet with a school official in their office where she was told she had to take off the hat and could no longer wear it to school.

You can watch the full video below:

The Supreme Court has already ruled on public school students’ ability to speak freely. Najjar’s school violated her free speech rights by asking her to remove the video.


Although, the school district’s public information officer, Wayde Byard, claims Najjar was asked to edit the video, not remove it. He told The Washington Examiner, “the video mentioned a minor student as transgender by name without the student’s knowledge or permission,” even though it is impossible for the general public to know who Najjar is talking about.


“This had nothing to do with the Second Amendment,” Byard added. But we all know the school is just trying to dodge legal issues now. Najjar’s hat was the reason she was called into the office. If she were left alone, there would be no Facebook video; this is a case of cause and effect.

The double standard is glaring. Najjar mentioned that people wear BLM and LGBTQ clothing to school all the time and nothing is said. Public schools are a melting pot of individuals. There will always be people who get offended. However, just because you get offended by an article of clothing doesn’t mean you are correct. It means you get your feelings hurt too easily.

Leftism running amuck is what we see here. Someone in the school had their feelings hurt, and now they must be pampered. Najjar didn’t make any threats. She didn’t attack anyone. She wore a hat with the name of a gun company on it. So what?

She should continue to push back on the liberal agenda, as should conservatives of all ages. This country needs more students to get behind our Constitution and support our rights. Would Najjar’s hat be so controversial if the media hadn’t made David Hogg a gun control celebrity? Probably not. However, it’s ironic to see the media attempt to push a gun control agenda, and, as a result, we’re now seeing more young, courageous high school students stand up for conservative values.


We need to keep being “offensive” because if we don’t, what rights will we have left?

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