Don't Expect Democrat Support For This New "Gun Safety" Bill

Don't Expect Democrat Support For This New "Gun Safety" Bill
Photo Courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Anything related to “The Border” comes with baggage. This is a hot topic. After the country segued from four years of policy that was constantly under fire, to the situation we have now, just mentioning this topic is bound to get a stir, and that’s the case with a bill introduced in Congress a few days ago that aims to hold people accountable for their actions. Who? Illegal aliens. As Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said in a recent press release about the new bill:

“If someone in the country illegally tries to get a gun, immigration officials and the local authorities need to know. Our bill ensures that illegal aliens who attempt to purchase firearms are reported to the proper authorities,” said Cotton.

Seems straightforward enough that this should be met with bipartisan support. With all this big talk from our friends on the other side, in essence this is more “gun control”, so why not embrace it? I doubt the bill will be welcomed by all our congresscritters though. Imagine, speaking a sentence that has both the phrases “gun” and “illegal alien” in it. Think of the fallout from the verbal assault on the delicate ears of those rooting for team “undocumented immigrant.” The fact that someone, anyone, is in the country illegally and trying to purchase a firearm should throw a flag on the play, no matter which side of the field you’re on. Cotton’s press release continues and quotes some of his colleagues:

“The National Instant Criminal Background Check system is an important tool to ensure firearms stay out of the wrong hands, which is why I co-introduced the Fix NICS Act last Congress,” said Tillis. “It is already against the law for an illegal immigrant to purchase a firearm, and this legislation would notify the appropriate authorities when an illegal immigrant tries to break the law.”

“Illegal aliens have no right to be in this country let alone purchase a firearm here. Of course law enforcement should be notified when an illegal alien attempts to obtain a gun,” said Blackburn.

“Our local law enforcement and immigration officials should have the tools to know if folks that are in our country illegally attempt to purchase firearms unlawfully. This bill will help officials do their job and keep our communities safe,” said Ernst.

“Enforcing our border laws is a crucial priority of any government. Equally important is protecting law-abiding Americans from those who break the law to enter the country, and then illegally seek firearms to commit crimes,” said Hawley.

While the language might be too much for some people to handle, all those cited above make very valid points. Arguing to the contrary would be akin to advocating that any unannounced guests in the United States should be allowed to vote. Or serve on a jury. Or, fill-in-the-blank. At minimum, we as a country can expect that illegal acts (an illegal alien trying to buy a gun) get met with appropriate repercussions.

The proposed text of the bill reads as follows:


Whenever information contained in the system established under this section indicates that a prospective firearm transferee is illegally or unlawfully in the United States, the system shall automatically notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and relevant State and local law enforcement agencies that an alien may have attempted to receive a firearm in violation of section 922(g)(5)(A) of title 18, United States Code, and include all relevant in formation contained in the system.’’

That is not to say that anyone who is in the United States illegally is here with criminal intent, however by their own actions they are criminals. In stark contrast, as it is we have a Constitutional quagmire in the States over whether or not non-violent felons who are citizens should have their right to keep and bear arms restored. The Supreme Court of the United States recently declined to hear cases on this very subject. All this talk about rights restoration can get people all mixed up. Hasn’t it been the progressive agenda to allow felons, violent or otherwise, to have their voting rights restored? If the anti-freedom caucus can’t get behind this measure, makes you wonder what they’re really after. They want gun safety laws? This would be a gun safety law, but I’d be shocked if a single anti-gun Democrat signs on.