Massachusetts Criminal Roundup Illustrates Progressive Failure

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Massachusetts has some of the harshest and most draconian gun laws in the country. People from Massachusetts seem to think so, that is until they talk to someone from Jersey. The Giffords law center gives Massachusetts an “A-“, which for us freedom loving Americans, that’d be a big fat “F-“. Giffords does the dirty work for us on letting us know who has the worst laws in the country by giving them a good grade. The report card might as well serve as a list of states not to move to with the A’s being real bad.


A recent tweet on the 29th from the Boston Police Department celebrated their recovery of a firearm:

Neither the tweet nor associated article went into the particulars on how old the firearm was, which does have relevance in the Bay State. If the firearm was a newer model, its magazine would most likely not be grandfathered under their “high capacity” firearm regulations. A big missed opportunity there! They could have tweeted about high capacity magazines too! It’s also doubtful that the person in question had a Massachusetts LTC, which would allow the possession of grandfathered magazines. Regardless, the tweet illustrates some serious issues in Massachusetts. First, hat tip to the Boston PD for doing their job. There are not a lot of particulars about the story linked to the tweet, but this is telling none-the-less.

The whole twitter feed for Boston PD tells an interesting story. For starters, the Boston Police Department are rather prolific with the number of arrests they make. At least, the high profile ones that deal with murders and firearms are reported in their feed. Really, bravo for being transparent. After we ascertain that the PD is doing its job, based on numbers, what needs to be called into question is the matter of policy. The echo chamber of back patting for all the good work that’s getting done by the boys in blue really amplifies the abysmal failures of the state.


With all the highfalutin and draconian laws concerning firearms, how is it that there is still so much crime in Massachusetts? What else was going on in the land of the pilgrims around the 29th?

There was this report about a sentencing:

A member of the New Bedford chapter of the Latin Kings gang was sentenced to prison yesterday for being a felon in possession of a firearm as part of an investigation into an armed robbery in New Bedford and a shooting in Boston.

And then this arrest that resulted from pulling over a motorist from earlier that week:

Prior to ADAMS’ vehicle being towed from the scene Trooper Rodrigues conducted an inventory of its contents. During the inventory the Trooper located a Sig .45 caliber pistol loaded with seven rounds of ammunition along with a second magazine also loaded with seven rounds. ADAMS does not possess a license to carry firearms. ADAMS was transported to the Concord Barracks for booking where a bail commissioner was contacted and ordered him to be held for his arraignment at Ayer District Court on the following charges:

1. Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor;
2. Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Intoxicating Drugs;
3. Possession of a Firearm without FID Card;
4. Possession of Ammunition without FID Card;
5. Carrying a Loaded Firearm;
6. Possession of a Firearm with 3 Prior Violent/Drug Crimes;
7. Improper Storage of a Firearm;
8. Carrying a Firearm while Intoxicated; Troopers Arrest Man for Repeat Firearm Offenses
9. Illegal Possession of a Firearm, 2nd Offense;
10. Possession of Open Container of Marijuana in a Vehicle;
11. Speeding; and
12. Failure to Signal.


These three stories are not unusual, because while Giffords loves to praise Massachusetts’ gun control laws, they never mention the crime rate, which is the highest in New England. In fact, Springfield is ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. So what gives? Freedom limiting laws do not stop criminals. They do not stop repeat offenders, as illustrated above. Until these states get serious about punishing actual criminals and not responsible gun owners, they shouldn’t be surprised when their good grades from Giffords aren’t enough to keep the peace in the streets.

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