Border Crisis: Let's Ignore The Firearms That Tag Along

Border Crisis: Let's Ignore The Firearms That Tag Along
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The heated debate over border security continues. After listening to years of criticism about how one administration handled “the border”, we’re presented with new dramas concerning the debate on safeguarding America’s best interests. Barbed wire fence currently surrounds our capitol building, in what can only be described as an act of hypocrisy from the lawmakers that advocate for an open border. Social media has buzzed with comments coming from Biden-Harris supporters scrutinizing that “the wall” has not stopped construction. As if, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to take someone running for office at their word.


We have short memories here in the United States. Anybody remember a piece of legislation called H.R.6061 – Secure Fence Act of 2006? This bill was passed into law with very little obstruction from lawmakers. Take a look at a portion of the summary:

Secure Fence Act of 2006 – Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security, within 18 months of enactment of this Act, to take appropriate actions to achieve operational control over U.S. international land and maritime borders, including: (1) systematic border surveillance through more effective use of personnel and technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and cameras; and (2) physical infrastructure enhancements to prevent unlawful border entry and facilitate border access by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, such as additional checkpoints, all weather access roads, and vehicle barriers.

The inconvenient part of this legislation is that it had the full support of many of the left’s darlings. Joe Biden, then Senator voted for the bill’s passage. Some of the other congresscritters that we can call out on what I’d describe as contradictory rhetoric by voting “yea” on the bill: Schumer, Feinstein, Clinton, Obama, etc. The only frothing at the mouth progressive that seems true to their core, then and now, would have been Pelosi, with a “no” vote. All of a sudden, securing our border has fallen out of fashion. What has not gone the way of parchment and quill are the politicians listed being vehemently anti-gun, rather, against the civil rights of our citizenry.


Thankfully we still have the border patrol working to police our political boundaries. A recent report from KGNS concerning the important work our border patrol points to a double whammy:

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) – Border Patrol agents in Texas continue to seize firearms during human smuggling attempts.

The most recent incident occurred on May 1 when agents at the Hebbronville Border Patrol Station stopped a white SUV that was travelling on Highway 359.

KGNS reports the agents found seven Mexican Nationals and a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol while searching the vehicle.

During the fiscal year, agents have seized more than 30 firearms, which is a dramatic increase from the same time frame last year.

Truth be told, this is not some giant landmark stop that brought high profile gun runners to justice. But, this does highlight why having a weak border is not in the best interest of Americans, or really, the human race. This is a singular event, one that was intervened in. How many firearms creep their way across our border undetected? Perhaps the focus of this report is the fact that this act was one involving human smuggling.

Dangerous stances on open borders, and just the hint that a Biden-Harris presidency would be more lenient on those seeking true refuge in the United States, has truly created a crisis. Nearly half of the fiscal year referenced in the report is a time period that included the prospect of and reality of Biden taking residence in the executive mansion. To think that the damage that is being done is not proportional to the stance of progressives would be obtuse. What is going on draws away important resources from areas that truly need attention.


If the current administration is unable or unwilling to address the human rights issue of human smuggling, I’m sure they can get motivated because firearms are involved. If a stronger border saves only one person from the ills of human trafficking, is that not worth the effort and funding? Should the progressives not be able to put life over limb in this instance, they surly are hypocritical, because firearms are involved. That was one instance of one firearm being stopped from crossing into the country illegally, that’s all the reasoning they should need to maintain and enhance our security. Never mind the human slaves or drugs.

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