Some Pro-2A Ideas For Republicans In Congress To Ponder

AP Photo/Mark Tenally

Let’s be honest here; while there’s not quite the support that progressives were hoping to have in Congress to be able to steamroll over the Constitution and put new gun control laws in force right now, the chances of pro-Second Amendment legislation passing the Democrat-controlled House and Senate stands at zero percent.


However, the fact that anti-gun bills can’t make it through the Senate either haven’t stopped the usual suspects in Congress from introducing dozens of attempts to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. This is important. Bills don’t usually get passage on their first introduction. It may seem moot to even explore some of these proposals, but the people are making their messages clear to lawmakers, and eventually they’re going to have to listen. For years the civil rights minded people of the country have had to be on the defense, with very little freedom expansion happening on the federal level. Now is a perfect time to go on the offense. I personally appreciate and like to see bills like The Hearing Protection Act and right-to-carry reciprocity related bills introduced, but I think it’s time to take things up a notch or two.

To my freedom loving congressmen and women, allow me to give you a few ideas on legislation that you can introduce. Nothing has stopped the progressives from introducing their gunpocalyptic packages of draconian measures, and nothing should stop the freedom lovers from introducing measures in the other direction of an equal magnitude. Here are a few suggestions.

The ATF Reform Act – A bill that will limit the power of the ATF. All policing duties for execution of the laws under their prevue will be transferred to the FBI. ATF agents will solely be responsible for doing FFL onsite inspections. The ATF will have no power to create policy that will limit the freedoms of citizens. ATF agents will be required to study both the Constitution and take classes on customer service, with a required civics test in order to be in the agency. Their role will transition to become a friendly liaison. An office of complaints will be opened where both FFLs and citizens can report bad actors. Any member of the agency will be subject to civil and criminal penalties should they usurp someone’s rights.


The ANFA Act – The ANFA Act, known in long form as the Abolish the National Firearms Act Act will overturn/overhaul the law in entirety. Items such as suppressers and fully-automatic firearms will no longer need a $200.00 tax stamp per item. The text of the act will be substituted with a permitting system that will issue a one-time, life-time permit for items formerly listed. After the completion of a NICS check and $100.00 processing fee, a permit shall be issued to an applicant. Eligibility of permit holders will be checked against the NICS system periodically. It will be unlawful to do an onsite inspection of a permit holder’s property, place of business, and or residence (temporary or permanent) based solely on being in possession of a permit.

The NALL Act – The NALL Act, known in long form as the No Ammunition Limiting Laws Act will make it unlawful for any state or jurisdiction of the United States write a law that will limit the number of rounds that can fit in an ammunition feeding device. Any lawmaker that introduces, votes for, enacts, or signs into law such proposals will be subject to criminal and civil penalties. The breaking of this law would be a felony with a minimum mandatory prison sentence of thee to five years. Civil penalties will be no less than $20,000.00 US Dollars, adjusted to 2021 valuations in terms of inflation.

The TLIYL Act – The TLIYL Act, known in long form as the This Land is Your Land Act lowers the age from 21 to 16 in order for a non-prohibited person to purchase a handgun. The act will also lower the age from 18 to 16 for a non-prohibited person to purchase a long gun.


The SI Act – The SI Act, known in long form as the Shall Issue Act requires every state and jurisdiction to implement shall issue permitting policies to anything related to firearms. Should an individual be able to pass a NICS background check, they shall be issued whatever permit they seek to obtain. A reasonable processing feel of no more than $50.00 may be implemented for a permit covering no less than five years time. States shall be required to issue life-time permits at a cost of no more than $250.00. States that institute constitutional carry will be given federal grant money to be used to create state run gun clubs open to the public.

The FOR Act – The FOR Act, known in long form as the Firearm Owners Reparations Act will subject any state or jurisdiction that has imposed freedom limiting law upon its citizens a fee paid to citizens who have an injury claim against them. States that have laws on the books that have limited in the past, or currently do, in regards to firearm feeding device capacity, features on a firearm, permitting for concealed carry, etc. will have to pay reparations in the amount of $500.00 per item and or offense to each injured person.

The IIA Act – The IIA Act, known in long form as the I Identify As Act will make null and void any laws that limit features on firearms such as but not limited to muzzle device, detachable magazine, actions, stock type and style, etc. The bill aims to make equal every firearm regardless to color, type, composition, etc.

This list is just a suggested starting point on what bills could and should be introduced. We are dealing with Chicken Little “the sky is falling” cries from progressives just because the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a carry case, so why not give them something to really worry about? While many of us have lost our freedoms slowly over time on state levels, with upticks on the federal side in the way of the NFA, GCA, etc., gaining them back will take time too. There is no reason why we should not make our intentions known, even if we’ll need to take back the House and Senate next year in order to pass these bills.


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