The Left's Latest Attack On NRA Reeks Of Deflection

The Left's Latest Attack On NRA Reeks Of Deflection
AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

The shooting in Colorado Springs on Sunday that left six dead is a tragedy, unless of course you’re a fan of gun control, in which case it’s also an opportunity to fire up the Twitter machine and hurl your misplaced outrage at the National Rifle Association. This Huffpost article decided to gather up the reaction on the Left to a Mother’s Day tweet from the organization and those on the Left who tried to tie-in the tweet to the shooting in Colorado Springs.

Seven people were killed on Sunday in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the year’s 194th mass shooting, according to the nonprofit group Gun Violence Archive.

The wave of violence has led to new calls for gun control measures.

But on Sunday ― Mother’s Day ― the National Rifle Association posted a meme suggesting that mothers arm their young daughters.

“MAMA DIDN’T RAISE A VICTIM” read the text over an image of a woman and a young girl with firearms.

The NRA’s message and its tasteless timing came under heavy fire on Twitter:

The tweet in question shows a woman and female child posing with modern sporting rifles. Multiple commentators, inducing the Huffpost are screaming foul because of the bad “timing” of the tweet. My guess is that this was a tweet that was set to auto-post, but does it really matter, at least to the anti-gun nuts? Nothing the NRA says or does will ever be okay in the mind’s eye of this segment of our population.

The question presented to those that wish to strip us of our rights should be “When may the NRA tweet about what they want to?” Is it only when the Left are paying attention to a high-profile shooting? Because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of crime going on that the Left generally doesn’t spend a lot of time tweeting about.

According to The Chicago Tribune:

In Chicago, 1,042 people have been shot this year. That is 225 more than 2020.
Data through Monday, May 3

The Chicago Tribune crime team tracks shooting victims in Chicago. Data represents number of victims, not shooting incidents. Homicide data can be found here. This page will be updated weekly.

According to my rough calculations, that would be about 57.8 people shot per week in the city. Weird that we haven’t seen the anti-gun media bring up those shootings as a reason for the NRA to shut up. In fact, I haven’t seen the anti-gun media give much attention at all to Chicago’s skyrocketing murder rate.

This attempted shaming of the NRA from the anti-gun crowd has very little to do with one isolated shooting, no matter how much media attention it may have received. To them, the NRA has no right to say anything ever. It doesn’t matter what event may or may not have occurred prior to the NRA making any comment or posts, what matters is attacking the NRA.

If those that were so intent on showing their disdain towards the NRA were just more up front about it, perhaps they’d be taken more seriously. Probably not, though, since what they’re demonstrating is that they’re entirely unserious when it comes to preventing crime. After all, these are the same people who want to defund police and create more gun control laws that are enforced by cops with guns, and they don’t see the contradiction.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t even realize they’re bashing the idea that young women be raised to not be victims. If they seriously thought about the message, they’d know there is more to not being a victim that just being armed, but because they’re unserious people the scary black gun and the NRA logo is all they see.

As unserious as they are, though, their bashing of the NRA also served to deflect from some inconvenient facts for gun control zealots. Don’t forget, this shooting happened in a state with universal background checks, bans on “high capacity” magazines, and red flag laws.

Now, these are the same people who are dumb enough to believe that real gun safety can only come through an unarmed and uneducated people, so I’m reluctant to give them too much credit for intentionally trying to deflect attention away from the failure’s of Colorado’s gun control laws, but the fact remains that none of these gun control laws prevented this shooting, and instead of even acknowledging that fact, the super-serious and oh-so-smart anti-gunners decided make an NRA tweet about empowered women the focus of their (and the HuffPost‘s) attention.