Shooting At Colorado Springs Birthday Party Kills Six, Including Suspect

ValynPi14 / Pixabay

While many of us were busying ourselves with Mother’s Day plans, other things were going on in the world. One of which was a shooting at a Colorado Springs birthday party on Sunday.


Normally, what people term as mass shootings happen outside of the home. That’s generally because, well, that’s where you’ll find masses.

However, in this case, that doesn’t really matter all that much.

Six people were killed in a shooting early Sunday morning during a birthday party at a Colorado Springs, Colorado, mobile home, according to police.

The suspected shooter — believed to be a boyfriend of one of the victims — is also dead, police said.

Colorado Springs police received a call about a shooting just before 12:20 a.m. (2:20 a.m. ET), the department said in a news release. Officers responded to the Canterbury Mobile Home Park, where they found six dead adults, along with a seventh person who was injured and later died at a local hospital.

Police believe the suspect drove to the home where a birthday party was being held and opened fire before killing himself. No children were injured in the shooting.

Police are investigating a possible motive.

The children, thankfully, were all unharmed and are with relatives.

Unsurprisingly, social media is filled with people blaming the NRA for this deadly attack, but to those people, I feel I need to remind them that Colorado is a heavily gun-controlled state and has been since shortly after the Aurora theater shooting back in 2012. Despite that, Colorado Springs has seen two very high-profile shootings in 2021 alone.

Plus, frankly, we don’t know enough about the shooting at this point to really do much in the way of speculation. We don’t have an identity of the shooter, much less any clues as to his mental state–clearly not mentally healthy, but did people know that?–or his legal status when it comes to firearm ownership.


Like so many of these incidents, it’s not what we know at this point, but what we don’t know.

Currently, police are seeking to notify the family members of the victims. We’ll find out more information after that is complete. After all, I’m assuming one of those they’re seeking to notify next of kin on is the shooter himself. Once we have a name, the media will deep dive into him and we’ll have articles about how his favorite color should have been some kind of a warning sign.

Until then, we can do little except pray for the families of the victims and hope they can find some kind of peace.

Well, that and remind people that Colorado has a lot of gun control, including all the more popular proposals currently at the federal level, and it sure seems like none of them are doing anything to keep mass shootings from happening in Colorado Springs this year. Don’t tell me they reduce gun violence when Colorado has had two of these shootings within a couple of months of one another in an environment we’re told is necessary for reducing such acts.

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