San Diego Council Poised To Ban 80% Receivers And "Ghost Guns"

San Diego Council Poised To Ban 80% Receivers And "Ghost Guns"
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The hot topic item of so-called “ghost guns” has migrated to San Diego California. On Monday August 2, 2021, the San Diego City Council voted to ban the proliferation of 80% receivers within the city. Under California law, an 80% lower or homemade firearm would not be unlawful to have or make, however they are still highly regulated. The cancel woke culture surfing on scary words and spotty statistics brought this effort to the city of the Gaslamp Quarter, or shall we say Gaslighting Quarter? The council voted 8-1 in favor of the E.N.U.F. (Eliminate Non-Serialized Untraceable Firearm) Ordinance (great name by the way…enuf is enuf with the dumb law acronyms). As reported:


San Diego City Council leaders on Monday approved a proposal to ban ghost gun kit sales from the city.

City leaders voted 8-1, with councilmember Chris Cate as the lone “no” vote, to approve a proposal that makes it illegal for unserialized gun kits to be sold in San Diego, including sales made both online and in stores.

The proposal, called the E.N.U.F (Eliminate Non-Serialized Untraceable Firearm) Ordinance, will “prohibit the possession, purchase, sale, receipt, and transportation of non-serialized, unfinished frames and unfinished receivers, and non-serialized firearms within the City of San Diego.” It was introduced last month by councilmember Marni Von Wilpert.

In a statement following the vote, Von Wilpert said, “The spread of untraceable ‘ghost guns’ is fueling gun violence in our city and today’s vote will help keep firearms out of the hands of people who pose danger to our communities—including violent criminals, domestic abusers, individuals suffering from mental illness, and terrorists.”

From the E.N.U.F. Staff Report from Councilmember Marni von Wilpert, Council District 5.

“Ghost guns,” sometimes referred to as “do-it-yourself-guns,” is a term for a homemade, personally manufactured, firearm that lacks commercial serial numbers and can easily become untraceable due to the lack of identifying markings. “Ghost guns” do not have traceable serial numbers, and therefore, generally evade all the regulations which apply to the regulated firearms industry.

Unregulated “ghost guns” undermine federal and state laws that would normally block access to guns for people who pose danger to themselves or our communities —including violent criminals, domestic abusers, individuals suffering from mental illness, and terrorists.


When the talking heads and members of the anti-freedom caucus bring up things like there being no traceable serial number, somehow that must make the firearms ultra dangerous. The public must only assume that firearms are extra deadly because they lack a serial number. This may seem like simply more naivety on the part of civil rights hating politicians, except they know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t act like criminals don’t grind off the serial numbers on plain vanilla stolen/straw purchased firearms. Because they do that and people murdered by the hand of someone using a firearm with an obliterated serial number are no more dead than if there were a number on the frame. Further, statistics about “ghost guns”, I have serious reason to believe the books are being cooked and that plain Jane defaced firearms are being included in the counts.

Council member Chris Cate, who was the only one to vote against the ordinance, made the following statement about the ordinance:

Do we honestly expect criminals to self-enforce these requirements? The answer is obviously no.

This law does nothing to make us safer, but what this law does do is turn all law abiding citizens in San Diego who own unfinished receivers into criminals overnight.

During the commentary period, Wendy Chou Hauffen, the CEO of San Diego County Gun Owners made the following statements against the passage of the ordnance:

There are already many required steps for law-abiding gun owners to build their own firearms in California. Your proposed ordinance changes the order of those steps. The serialization would now come before the purchase of the raw material a builder uses to make a firearm. In other words, the metal or plastic purchased to build a firearm has to be serialized before it can be purchased.

This step is not required for criminals. It is never legal for a prohibited person to possess a gun, no matter how they obtain it. Criminals will continue to break firearms laws. It will result in the punishment and charges against people who are not career criminals and think they are following the law. Criminals do not care about serialization of guns. They are likely to simply remove the serial number if a gun they posses has a serial number.


California cities are really going above and beyond in impressing me in the department of horrible gun laws and trampling on civil rights. That says a lot since I come from the People’s Republic of New Jersey, a civil rights wasteland. Measures like this will ultimately do nothing to stop violent crime. The shenanigans being played out in San Jose requiring insurance and now this? Bravo not-so Golden State. You’re working your way back to the top of the heap on bad gun laws. Don’t give New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, etc. any ideas. You know how much these draconian states like to one up one another.

The E.N.U.F. Ordnance is not 100% a sealed deal. There will be a second reading on September 14th and the council will have to vote again on the measure. I highly doubt that there will be a different outcome than the vote on the 2nd, but you never know. If you live in San Diego, you know what to do. Call, email, and write the councilmembers. Councilmember Cate too, to thank him for having real commonsense.

To view a video of the council meeting addressing this ordience click HERE.


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