Second Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference A Hit

Second Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference A Hit

In case you missed it, the 2021 Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) debuted last weekend.

Due to the pandemic, the SAF was moved to conduct the event virtually. Even though the camaraderie of being able to shake hands and kiss babies in person was not present, the presentations did not fall flat at all. In fact, some quick preliminary numbers indicated the messaging of the presenters have been viewed over fifteen thousand times already. The good news is everything is recorded and can be watched on the rewind.

The GRPC was broken up into five video segments over the course of two days. The topics ranged from history, to advocacy, to updates on litigation, and other news. The five video segments covering over nine hours of content are as follows:

Depending on your cup of tea and what interests you most may dictate which of the video segments you’d want to take a look at. With them each being in digestible sizes, catching them all over the course of a few days or some binge watching would not be out of the question.

Some of the highlights include extensive analysis and coverage on the litigation that is occurring throughout the nation. Presentations in the “Law – Policy” video went into depth on legal actions as well as deep analysis on some of the hold-out states when it comes to freedom usurpation. If you want to know what’s going on in the legal world and what to expect in the next year on this front, this section is a must watch.

More high notes in the “Public Safety – Media” section had presenters extensively cover the issue of the Second Amendment and the media. The distinction between main stream media and and journalists that put out Second Amendment related content was a theme throughout many of the presenter’s videos. Combating the so-called anti-gun narrative is something as advocates and 2A media types we need to stay on top of.

The other videos, all notable, do their subjects justice. The presentations on Second Amendment history dive into different topics ranging from hardware to the racist origins of so-called gun control laws. The “Outreach – Gun Culture” video series covers the important topic of grassroots activism, getting and staying engaged in the Second Amendment community, and discussions on gun culture. And capping off the series was extensive coverage on what’s happening on State and Federal levels with updates from several 2nd Amendment advocacy groups.

All in all the near nine and half hours of content is high quality and informative. Watch, like, subscribe, and share! The full playlist of the 2021 GRPC video series can be viewed HERE. Or feel free to tune into the videos directly below: