Is NJ's Governor Planning A Post-Election November Surprise?

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

New Jersey citizens have been under the thumb of its own government for many years, however the last three and a half have been a very special kind of tyranny. With Governor Phil Murphy in office we’ve seen taxes go up and freedoms dissipate. Murphy signed into law several bills which limited the Second Amendment rights of the citizens he’s supposed to be serving. In 2020, Murphy had gun stores and ranges shut down during the start of the pandemic after receiving an email from Moms Demand Action:


“I’m writing because as you probably know, there has been a surge in gun sales and ammunition in New Jersey…I’m just wondering if anyone in your office or the AG’s office is concerned about this. Aside from the obvious problems of more guns in our state and the backlog at NICS, it seems that the stores are nonessential and yet are staying open with lines of people inside and out, which could potentially spread the virus.”

Two days later Governor Phil Murphy had all the gun stores in New Jersey closed. The anti-civil liberties organizations of Moms Demand Action, Everytown, and Murphy’s administration were not happy about this new surge in people exercising their constitutional right to self-protection.

Murphy has and continues to do everything within and without his power to enact his will on the people of New Jersey. Recently, an undercover film was released of one of Murphy’s top aids discussing vaccine mandates that are to come if Murphy should be reelected. What’s that have to do with the Second Amendment you may ask? The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) has raised a flag on this play and has some very serious concerns. From a release:


Project Veritas has just released hidden camera video of an adviser to Gov. Murphy’s re-election campaign indicating that Murphy is deliberately withholding a NJ vaccine mandate until after election day on November 2, to avoid losing the support of independents and moderates in the election. Click here to see the video. The video implies that Murphy plans to impose a sweeping and unpopular statewide vaccine mandate after the election.

If this is true, the implications are far-reaching for every New Jerseyan, and among the many issues raised are questions about whether and how Murphy might use it as an opportunity to once again attack gun owners, ranges, and gun stores. In 2020, Murphy used pandemic executive orders as an excuse to literally shut down gun stores and ranges, but he backed down and reversed himself three times when ANJRPC challenged him in court.

This is not hyperbolic. ANJRPC is right to bring up Murphy’s history in trampling Second Amendment rights, all in the name of “public safety” due to the pandemic. We can’t forget Muph’s famous sentiment that The Bill of Rights is above his pay grade. Not really sure which pay grade our constitutional rights are subject to regulation under, but ANJRPC has some of their own thoughts on the subject.


Could a vaccine mandate be used to threaten shooting ranges and gun stores if they allow unvaccinated persons on the premises or to remain members? Could ranges be forced to close if they refuse to follow Murphy’s dictates? Could gun owners be prevented from obtaining permits, new firearms, or transferring used firearms if they are not vaccinated? How else might Murphy once again use pandemic policies as a convenient excuse to attack the Second Amendment?

In normal times, these questions might seem farfetched. But we are not in normal times, and Murphy already has a track-record of exploiting the pandemic as an excuse to attack the Second Amendment. Gun owners should keep these questions in mind when they head to the polls on November 2.

The New Jersey Gubernatorial election is rapidly approaching. Murphy can and will do anything in and out of his power to continue to squish freedoms if he’s reelected. Republican opponent to Murphy, Jack Ciattarelli, has a much more favorable view when it comes to the Second Amendment and civil liberties as a whole.

“The Second Amendment, is the Second Amendment, is the Second Amendment, it’s not going anywhere. I think if it were up to Phil Murphy, he’d repeal the Second Amendment…” – Jack Ciattarelli


Think this is all just a bunch of hot air? Tune into the video below or by clicking HERE. Murphy seems to be looking to trample more rights and it will have a probable effect on the Second Amendment. He’s also looking to roll out his third wave of legislative and executive assaults on gun rights if he’s granted another 4 years. It’s time that we return New Jersey to a state of citizens, not subjects.

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