NJ Governor Murphy Skirts Past Gun Safety Question

Chris Pedota/The Record via AP, Pool

Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use” is one of the cardinal rules of gun safety. Unfortunately for Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey, he does not keep his brain loaded when needed. At least not when caught off guard. Generally speaking The Murph is quick to reply to the many questions from the press corps whom swoon over him and his progressive totalitarian ways. However, throw a wrench in there in the form of a question not sent to the Governor’s office in advance, and he’s all thumbs. I will give the man an “A” for effort in coming up with a sold deflection to the question. In a recent press event, the President of New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS), Alex “Alejandro” Roubian tossed The Murph a rather soft ball question. To say the Governor swung and missed is an understatement. From the event:


Hi governor, good afternoon…Alejandro with NJ2AS News Governor. You have been a self-proclaimed gun safety advocate since becoming governor. In light of the recent tragedy where Alec Baldwin shot and killed an innocent mother due to his negligent mishandling of a firearm, can you recite the three basic firearm safety rules so that future tragedies like this can be prevented? Thank you.

That’s a simple enough question and really a simple/fair enough request. The Murph does go on ad nauseam about how “safe” New Jersey is with all our “gun safety” laws in place. The safest not-so-safe state in the Union actually. How did the carpet-bagging goosestepping Governor reply?

Is that it? Okay. Um.

He was not really sure how to reply because the Governor was not fed the question in advance. Glancing at his papers as if the answers were in there, he did do his best…Well, you decide:

Awful tragedy. Right? Just an awful awful tragedy and I have no insight as to exactly what happened or why it happened.

Uh. I’ll just leave it Alex where I’ve been. I’m a big believer in gun safety. We have the strongest gun safety laws of every any American state. I’d like to see us take a few more steps, which is part of this gun safety package 3.0…I’m even more importantly, would love to see…beg, the United States to have national federal gun safety legislation. Because 85% of the crime guns that are confiscated, Pat I believe that’s the right number, in New Jersey come in from out of state. So, we’re not an island.


How’s The Murph doing so far? That’s zero. Zero firearm safety rules recited so far. What else did Murphy have to say?

And thirdly, I want to reiterate what I’ve reiterated with you before, none of the above undermines, uh our support and uh belief in the Second Amendment we’ll leave it at that thank you.

Right. I completely agree with the Governor on that. Nothing he’s done since being in office to make New Jersey have “the strongest gun safety laws” undermined the Second Amendment at all. Eye roll.

The fact is, Murphy is a hack. He completely proved it as he tried to fumble his way through answering the question. Just about everything he’s done in regards to firearm law in the Garden State has undermined the Second Amendment. To tout it all as “gun safety laws” or “gun safety legislation” is beyond hubris when he cannot even recite one of the gun safety rules. At this or any juncture, I’d settle for one of the rules, his choice, NRA or Cooper, and I’d have just a tiny bit of respect for the man. However, the Governor fell flat on his face in rising to the gun safety occasion.

A complete and total side bar, one would think that all the members of the anti-freedom caucus would commit to memory as many of the gun safety rules and bits of etiquette as they could, as to not sound like complete dunderheads when they open their privileged progressive pie holes. If Murphy took three minutes a day to dedicate himself to learning about what he’s banning, he’d be able to talk the talk.


Governor, if you’d like to take a gun safety class, drop me a dime. I’ll take you, along with you contingent of armed guards, and give you a one on one basic gun safety class. I’ll even pay for the ammo.

Like many anti-freedom politicians, Murphy is above all that. He’s above answering the question as presented, or at least conceding he knows none of the rules, and he’s certainly above the rest of us peasants who support the crumbling socialist state of New Jersey. Why would he educate himself on such matters? His aim is to abolish the Second Amendment in New Jersey.

If we’re lucky, we won’t have to hear much more from The Murph after election day. If not, well, I apologize in advance to all my readers…I, along with my colleagues, will be writing more about Phil Murphy’s unconstitutional and ignorant ways. Fingers crossed America.

If you’d like to watch this section of the press event with an introduction by Roubian in full, you can catch it in the embed below or by clicking HERE.

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