New Jersey Teachers Union's Hypocritical Take On Safety

New Jersey Teachers Union's Hypocritical Take On Safety
(Richard Alan Hannon/The Advocate via AP)

The New Jersey Education Association, the teacher’s union in New Jersey recently weighed in on the Rittenhouse verdict. I lightly covered some of that news the other week, but we’re going to have to rehash that again. It seems that everyone had to weigh in on the fact that Rittenhouse was found not guilty in an event where he was acting in self-defense and  fired upon people violently attacking him. Why the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), whom has been embroiled in plenty of their own scandals, had to chime in is beyond many in New Jersey. The profanity laced posts online about the NJEA on their commentary was rather rampant in the 2A groups. Before we get to NJEA’s hypocritical ways, let’s look at their opinion on the Rittenhouse verdict:


NJEA’s officers, President Sean M. Spiller, Vice President Steve Beatty and Secretary-Treasurer Petal Robertson, released this statement following today’s verdict in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

“Today we share the dismay of all those who see the brokenness of our justice system.

“Today we share the fear and frustration of all those who are reliving the trauma of previous miscarriages of justice.

“Today we share the anger of all those who know that our communities are less safe, because this verdict sent a harmful message that vigilante violence is a reasonable response to constitutionally protected protest.

“But more than that, today we share the determination of those whose commitment to true equality, liberty and justice for all people – regardless of race, religion or creed – has only been strengthened by the clear reminder of how far our country still has to go.

“Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to the families, friends and loved ones of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber – as well as Gaige Grosskreutz – who were victimized again by the failure of our legal system to deliver justice and accountability for the violence perpetrated against them.”

The teacher’s union weighing in on this is proof they’re a political group. They obviously don’t care about an unbiased education. If they did, they’d be discussing things like how we’re all afforded a trial by a jury of our peers in the United States. Or that we’re innocent until proven guilty. Nope. Even with irrefutable video evidence showing Rittenhouse’s innocence, the NJEA had to make sure that their woke mob mentality was known to all. This is the group that’s charged with educating our youth. A group that does not support the justice system nor the God-given right of self-defense.


Good ole NJEA just didn’t want to miss the party as far as their commentary going unheard. Not being able to be in the spotlight probably gave them some FOMO (#yolo hehe). They screamed “look how progressive we are”, as they vilified someone that was being attacked by felons. That’s the message of New Jersey’s educational system. Sit back, and get beat into submission. Allow me to help you step further into the spotlight NJEA.

Vice President Steve Beatty, one of the officials noted to sign his name to the above statement recently made a social media post that made many people, myself included, go hmmm. The text of the post is as follows:

Wonderful day with members from coast to coast – starting with the Hudson County retired holiday luncheon and ending with Gloucester county presidents dinner in West Deptford (and guests from Atlantic, Cape May, and Salem!)

Connecting and engaging with those who have done the work and continue their advocacy as well as our stalwart leaders in the locals.

Time well spent! Thank you Hudson and Gloucester – great to go river to river with our members!


The thing that’s interesting about the NJEA is that apparently the rules just don’t apply to them. Take a look at all the smiling faces in the photos Beatty shared in the post above. The majority of the people pictured, Beatty prominently included, are not wearing masks. It’s okay for kids in New Jersey schools, including daycare centers, and children over the age of two, to be forced to wear masks all day, but when the teachers are out to play it’s okay for them to run around unmasked. The hubris of this situation knows no bounds.


All this big talk about “safety” and “following the science” from the talking heads, and this is how New Jersey’s leadership in the education system represents themselves? Take a look at the embedded video below or by clicking HERE to see a video going through Beatty’s post (especially if he deletes it, it’s saved. So share, share, share!):



Rittenhouse’s safety did not matter to the NJEA. It’d be all too easy to admit that the right to self-defend does exist. The safety of NJEA’s students does matter? I mean, they are not crying foul over his majesty, Governor Phil Murphy’s mask mandates. So they must care about following the science and safety. Right? But then this?!

I’m sure that the NJEA will make some statement about safety protocols and ventilation, just like the Murph did when he was caught in a similar situation earlier this year. That event also involved the NJEA, who quickly deleted the photos after realizing their snafu.

The thing we’re up against in the Union is dealing with gross hypocrisy. We (and our children) are bombarded with rhetoric. Anti-freedom messages are crammed down our throats and the public shaming of those that engage in self-defense comes from the elders of our teaching system. The NJEA is another member of the anti-freedom caucus that has a “do what I say, not what I do” mentality. Many people are waking to the fact that rogue educational systems are preaching anti-Second Amendment material as well as other concepts that go against embracing individual liberties.


As far as those liberties go? It’s obvious the NJEA has no problem taking the liberty to exercise their liberties while gallivanting maskless, probably on the dime of the teachers who support them. The rank and file teachers who are unhappy about how their union represents them, acts, and does not advocate for real safety ought to make their voices heard. The children can’t. They’re gagged.

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