Murphy Trying To Stifle Gun Owners Voices Ahead Of Vote?

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Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey (actually he’s a carpetbagger from Massachusetts where they used to hang “witches”) has been making the headlines over and over again the last few weeks. His freedom-stomping acts just won’t end. Perhaps Murphy needs a reminder he only narrowly won reelection and also that several seats in the legislature changed parties.


Last week Cam reported on a renewed push for proposals discussed earlier this year and Tom brought up the Murph’s .50 caliber ban. Meanwhile, an alarm that was raised in October might be coming slowly to fruition, or at least in part. Two months ago I reported how the Murph might be planning to make several vaccine mandates after the election should he get reelected. Here we are in the dog days of 2021, and now we’re seeing reports like this from my friends over at the Shore News Network (SNN).

Governor Phil Murphy Deploys National Guard To Enforce Vaccine Mandate Targeting Republicans In State Capitol

If you’re not watching closely to what is happening in New Jersey, you might not know that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his administration are running a dry test of a possible statewide vaccine mandate at the state capitol building.

Last week, New Jersey Democrats implemented a rule that states anyone visiting the state capitol building must either be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. If they cannot show proof, they must take a test before entering the building.

This rule is draconian, even for Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democrats. No such rules exist even for the highest legislative offices in the land at the U.S. Capitol Building. To make matters worse, there are no executive orders or public health mandates requiring the public in New Jersey to show proof of vaccination or a mandatory test anywhere else in the entire state.

The move was made because New Jersey Democrats are about to launch a progressive culture war in Trenton to pass pro-abortion and anti-gun laws in the coming weeks and months and the party wants to make sure it restricts the voting rights of the growing Republican minority in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly.


This announcement comes around the same time of a proposed committee hearing in the Senate concerning some of the afore mentioned “gun control” proposals. The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) notified their membership that on Thursday December 9th a hearing was scheduled to occur. In a subsequent message from the association, they noted that that hearing got canceled with the Senate due to an outpouring of correspondence, and that the membership should focus their efforts on contacting members of the assembly about the proposals.

A colleague of mine, who’s going to remain anonymous, made the following statement to me in an email, connecting the dots between these situations:

Of course it’s just coincidental 😒 that this, (straight-from-the-Nazi-playbook), order to his Nazi uniform style clad State Police and innocent highjacked National Guard troops, from The Fuhrer himself, (aka Governor Phil Murphy), comes just the day before public hearings were to have taken place [on firearm laws] in the formerly PEOPLES Statehouse in Trenton.
Of course its also just coincidental that […] the great majority of people opposed to being turned into government guinea pigs by being forcibly injected with questionable substances are those same people who are just as opposed to losing […their Second Amendment rights].

While my fellow Second Amendment supporter’s sentiments are clearly emotionally charged and rather in-your-face, he does have a solid point. Is there something to this clearly politically motivated move?


The ANJRPC noted the following about staving off the current assaults:

December 8, 2021. After hearing from many thousands of gun owners on S3757 and S372, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee has postponed the December 9 hearings on these bills. Please do not go to Trenton on December 9, and pause all emails to state senators.

HOWEVER, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that gun owners immediately turn their attention to the ASSEMBLY on these two bills, as our sources in Trenton tell us that an ASSEMBLY committee hearing is likely to be scheduled for sometime Monday, December 13 on these and other gun bills.

PLEASE IMMEDIATELY begin emailing all Assembly members and tell them to oppose these bills when they come up in Assembly committee or on the Assembly floor – click here for the full email list of Assembly members.

The proposals, S3757 / A5647 and S372 / A3686, intend to mandate new storage requirements, and force those moving into the state to register all their firearms, including  getting a Firearms ID (FID) Card within 30 days of relocating to the Garden State.

S3757 / A5647 “‘New Jersey Safe Storage of Firearms Act’; establishes certain requirements and penalties regarding firearm storage; repeals law governing minor’s access to firearm; requires AG to establish public awareness campaign regarding firearm storage; appropriates $500,000.” This bill, should it become law, will fly in the face of the Heller decision. The District’s storage laws were challenged in the suit and found unconstitutional. The language of the bill would make it so that one cannot even have a loaded firearm in a locked box for the use of self-defense. NJ already has a similar storage law, so why they’re beating a dead horse is beyond me. To completely remove the ability to self-defend?


S372 / A3686 “Requires firearm owners who become New Jersey residents to obtain firearm purchaser identification card and register firearms acquired out-of-State.” This would actually inflict burdens  on newcomers to a threshold that’s above what’s required of residents. The language of the bill would require the registration of ALL firearms a new resident brings into the state. Current law requires residents only to register the transfer of ownership of pistols upon procuring them, not long guns. Further, the 30 day time limit to get an FID card is laughable because many jurisdictions break NJ law in going past the statutorily mandated 30 days they have to issue the paperwork. Those bad boy jurisdictions never get punished. They should. But they don’t.

Are the actions of the left of center legislators and the Murph politically motivated concerning the locking out of those that refuse to show their papers? I think it’s clear that’s the case. What else did the SNN have to say about the situation?

The Republicans walked right through the Democrats’ first attempt to block them out of the legislative process last Thursday. This week, Murphy came to Trenton with the National Guard and the New Jersey State Police and they are now in the process of building barriers around the State House to keep the COVID-19 virus out of the progressive hallways of New Jersey’s state government.

“The N.J. Statehouse has become a patrolled vaccine checkpoint after Thursday’s fight,” the New Jersey Senate Republican caucus said today.

Orange barricades directed Statehouse employees early Monday morning to a State Police checkpoint for proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests at the south entrance of the New Jersey Statehouse. Under new protocols announced Sunday by the Treasury Department, State Police will screen lawmakers, employees, and visitors for proof of vaccination or evidence of a recent negative Covid test before being allowed in.


Phil Murphy and the Democrat party are now using state police offices and National Guard soldiers in an effort to intimidate elected lawmakers in the state of New Jersey to comply with an order that has not been codified by any legislative body or implemented by any executive orders.

As Democrats rally for the ‘voting rights’ of citizens, Phil Murphy and his administration are using military force to squelch the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of citizens by denying Republican legislators access to the senate and assembly chambers.


There you have it America. New Jersey, once a pivotal battleground in the Revolution is now dealing with assaults of every kind. The full article over at the SNN is worth a read. It’s rather convenient that the Murph and his ilk would choose this time to pull their shenanigans. This all is beyond a chilling effect of many constitutional rights. The assault on the civil liberties of New Jersey residents is clearly going to continue. For my fellow subjects in the Garden State, please be sure to sign up for ANJRPC’s alerts and join the organization! For the rest of my countrymen, stay free, don’t be like New Jersey, and consider sending help by learning about the NJ organizations and what they’re doing:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club

Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners

New Jersey Second Amendment Society


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