Biden's Swing And Miss On Crime

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“The Big Guy”, aka our Chairman Joe Biden is not exactly hitting any home runs as of late. Most polling has his numbers completely in the toilet, making me wonder if there’s any buyers remorse. I’ll trade ya  a mean tweet for some cheap gasoline. A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll is revealing some interesting numbers.

Biden also sees lagging support for his handling of rising rates of violence in many places across the county. As the national murder rates see historic jumps, only a little more than 1 in 3 Americans (36%) approve of Biden’s handling of crime, down from 43% in an ABC News/Ipsos poll in late October.

Speaking of crime, Biden’s personal house needs to be cleaned up with Hunter’s potential lies. It’s alleged when filling out of a 4473 when purchasing a firearm Hunter may have been less than truthful. And there’s the debacle involving the gun possibly being thrown in a dumpster.

For those who have yet to learn of Hunter’s escapades in firearm ownership, according to a report from Politico, the troubled son of the president purchased a .38-caliber revolver from a Delaware Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) on October 12, 2018. In order to acquire the gun, Hunter filled out the required BATFE Form 4473. On October 23, Hallie Biden, widow to Joe Biden’s son Beau and then-companion to Hunter, searched the ne’er-do-well’s truck, which was parked at her home in Wilmington, Del., and found the handgun. Apparently fearing for Hunter’s safety, Hallie wrapped the revolver in a shopping bag and threw it into a trash receptacle outside nearby gourmet grocery store Janssen’s Market – which is located across the street from the campus of Alexis I. du Pont High School.


Hunter was discharged from the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2014 after he tested positive for cocaine. Further, at various times, Hunter has been a notorious and admitted drug user. Hunter’s lengthy battle with drugs has been chronicled by himself and the Biden family in numerous interviews and a forthcoming memoir titled, “Beautiful Things.”


Lying on a form 4473 is two separate crimes. It is a crime when a person “knowingly makes any false statement or representation with respect to the information required by this chapter to be kept in the records of a person licensed under this chapter,” such as the Form 4473. A violation of this provision is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment. It is also a crime for a person to “make any false or fictitious oral or written statement” to a dealer “with respect to any fact material to the lawfulness of the sale.” A violation of this provision is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

It’s no shock that Biden’s approval on the handling of crime has tanked in the days since taking office. Besides the news of that debacle having surfaced earlier in the year, we’re looking at one of the most murderous years in recent history as reported the other day. Crime, violent crime, violence committed with firearms, and murder is at an all time high.

A recent release from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms brings up the poll and what it means.

A newly released ABC News/Ipsos poll confirms what most of America’s gun owners already knew, that Joe Biden is a failure at addressing crime and especially gun-related violence, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

The survey, released over the weekend, shows only 36 percent—slightly more than 1 in 3 Americans—approve of Biden’s handling of the deteriorating crime problem. As for his response to violent crimes in which firearms are used, the data is even worse, with only 32 percent approval, and that’s down from 39 percent recorded in an October poll.

“Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Among important independent voters, he gets even lower marks. Only 1 in 4 independent voters approved of how he is handling so-called ‘gun violence,’ according to the ABC poll. We’re seeing criminals running rampant in our cities and police unable to do their jobs. It should be no wonder why millions of Americans have bought guns for the first time, just to protect their homes and families. And what has been Biden’s response? He wants to ban semiautomatic rifles and 9mm pistols for law-abiding gun owners. He’s taking absurd to a new level.

These failures in policy and good leadership are only compounded by the anti-freedom caucus’s continued push to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms further. Instead of coming up with meaningful ways of tackling crime and violence in the Union, the left keeps returning to a prohibitionist mentality which is fraught with failure. Show me a progressive policy that involves prohibition on something that’s successful and I’ll show you where Jimmy Hoffa is.

“Because of Biden’s and the Democrats’ failure in protecting the public, more people are using firearms to protect themselves and their families than in recent memory,” he added.

“Back on October 11,” he recalled, “pollster Scott Rasmussen reported that 53 percent of voters think having police crackdown on gangs would be much more effective at reducing violent crime than adding new restrictions on honest gun owners.

Gottlieb pointed to major cities where homicides have spiked since Biden took office. Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Portland, Tucson, Austin, Albuquerque, New York City and Toledo all have reported spiking murder numbers with two weeks remaining in the year.

“The ABC News/Ipsos poll has Biden failing on other issues, including the economy and foreign affairs,” Gottlieb noted. “With less than a year in office, Joe Biden has repeatedly demonstrated his lack of leadership skills. Anyone else might be embarrassed, but Biden just seems oblivious.”

This polling shows that more and more Americans are growing wise to something the Second Amendment community has known for years, we’re on our own. It’s impossible to legislate and order away evil. While the police forces are crumbling due to defunding, other bad polices, and prosecutors not doing their jobs, the law abiding citizen being armed has become increasingly important.

Should Biden want to take steps to really bite down on crime, he could start by showing fruits from an investigation involving Hunter. Consider it a sign of good faith. At a minimum, the American people deserve to see an arrest if the allegations lend themselves to one. End of message.