Murphy's bear hunt policy leaves blood on his hands

Chris Pedota/The Record via AP, Pool

Maybe it’s just my geographic bias, but it’s hard to think of a more repulsive socialist politician than New Jersey’s Phil Murphy. The Murph just knows best, or at least thinks he does. This is the man that said the bill of rights is above his paygrade. This is the same fella that had no issue abandoning his post over the recent holidays to vacation in Costa Rica while the rest of us peasants were left in the Garden State with the plague he has mismanaged and who’s alleged actions/inactions lead to the death of countless residents of senior homes.


What new blood does The Murph have on his hands? That of an 81-year-old woman. Man, Governor Murphy and his polices just have such a hatred for the elderly, and it shows.

It was recently reported that an 81-year-old resident of Sparta was attacked by a bear and her canine companion was killed during the attack.

An 81-year-old woman was injured and one of her two dogs killed on Monday night by a bear, the Sparta Township Police Department reported.


When she took her dogs out around 7 p.m. Monday, they ran toward two bears that had opened up bags and were eating the trash. At the sight of the dogs approaching, one bear ran off into the woods, while the other struck one of the two oncoming dogs.

The woman was injured when she headed for the bear, yelling at it in hopes of steering it from her injured dog, the bear biting and scratching her, Lamon said. The bear picked up the hurt dog and carried it near the woods, the second dog chasing after it.

This is an unfortunate event and the blood of that dog and that woman’s injuries are directly related to the fact Governor Phil Murphy ensured there would be no bear hunt in New Jersey. Incrementally the bear hunt was ended in the Garden State, first with the hunting of bears being stopped on state land and subsequently on all land.

Much like the concentrations of people, New Jersey has the highest population density of black bears than any other state in the Union. The situation is so misunderstood that officials pleaded with and publicly admonished The Murph on the stopping of the bear hunt in a last ditch effort to have the season opened up last year.


New Jersey has held an annual bear hunt since 2010.

In response, longtime Fish and Game Council member Phil Brodhecker criticized Murphy’s latest move against the hunt.

Brodhecker said Murphy is “in complete denial that there is an overpopulation of bears” in parts of the state.

“There’s no way to reduce the population, short of a hunt,” Brodhecker told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday.

The problem with bears in New Jersey is not new and in 2014 a Rutgers student was killed by a black bear while hiking in the Apshawa Preserve. This 2014 flag on the play, with the bear hunt going strong for years should have served as a sign that not only was the hunt necessary, but efforts needed to be expanded to further cull the population. No, The Murph had better ideas as reported last year.

Murphy said that New Jersey’s environmental commissioner, Shawn LaTourette, is on board with a strategy that includes using state funds to explore and develop alternative strategies.

“We are committed to non-lethal, humane but smart and safe means to control the population, the bear population,” Murphy said.

Brodhecker reiterated his disagreement with that approach. He is a farmer in Sussex County, which has the heaviest concentration of bears in the state.

“You can throw money at it all you want. You still have an overpopulation,” Brodhecker said.

Congratulations Phil Murphy, your “humane but smart and safe means” lead to an elderly woman being attacked and her dog being killed. For sure Brodhecker is spot on about trying to throw money at a problem, a tactic often employed by those that don’t wish to do what’s needed to tackle difficult problems.


While The Murph is throwing around the taxpayer’s dollars at probable abstinence only sex education for bears and god knows what wacky contraceptives initiatives for them, he aught to dig deep into his own pocket and ameliorate this attacked woman by paying for her medical bills and for the loss of her dog’s life. While payment for the departed dog won’t bring it back, it’d certainly be a nice gesture seeing how king Murphy’s awful polices likely contributed to this event. Bravo!

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