The SAF raises the alarm on Biden-Harris

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

One thing we can’t ignore, and honestly, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates have been great about being engaged on this, is the fact that the Biden-Harris administration is no friend to civil liberties. From a party that talks such a big game about the rights of the people, they sure do love to completely stifle and infringe upon Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. With the influx of millions of brand new gun owners, the Second Amendment Foundation has stepped up to the plate on trying to keep them informed.

The Second Amendment Foundation today announced it is expanding its media effort to warn of President Joe Biden’s looming attack on gun rights to include radio, by airing its information and education messages to ten of the top national talk radio programs in the country.

“With virtually every one of his major campaign promises being defeated,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “what remains is an attack on the Second Amendment. Our message will warn radio listeners about what Joe Biden is doing to gun rights.”

Gottlieb said the radio campaign will air on the following national programs: Hugh Hewitt, Sebastian Gorka, Larry Elder, Charlie Kirk, Lars Larson, Ben Shapiro, Brian Kilmeade, Guy Benson, Mark Levin and Dana Loesch. The radio effort will launch on Monday, Jan. 24.

“Our purpose is to educate and organize gun owners to support SAF in its upcoming legal court challenges of Biden’s anti-gun agenda,” Gottlieb detailed. “The foundation already has one lawsuit challenging his upcoming arm brace regulations, and we’re preparing to challenge his upcoming plan to redefine firearms in an effort to stop a long-standing tradition of people building their own firearms.”

This dedication’s not about money. This dedication’s all about safeguarding our fundamental freedoms so that they’ll be there for generations to come. The Second Amendment will never be “safe,” that is, completely free from external forces trying to dismantle it. Right now, though, we’re at a pivotal time where so many that are new to owning firearms need some guidance and information.

Gottlieb estimates that between television, radio and internet advertising, “So far this year, we will have reached over 100 million people, and many of them multiple times.”

“Using TV, radio and the internet will help us reach millions of first-time gun buyers,” he explained. “Since Biden was elected, an estimated 12 million people have become new gun owners. We are giving them information on how to get involved in the movement to protect their rights.

“This new radio campaign is in addition to the informational advertising we do on social media,” Gottlieb added. “Biden came into office with a far-reaching gun control agenda, and our mission is to educate the nation’s millions of gun owners about the serious threat his proposals pose to Second Amendment rights.”

The most chilling thing is we’re in the new age of “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” On the one hand, we have to salute the anti-freedom caucus for actually being honest. On the other, we have to be disgusted by what they’re honestly saying.

The radio ads include Biden’s own words, “Whether it is a 9mm pistol or a rifle, it is ridiculous. I am continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things,” which Gottlieb called “devastating” and reveals Biden’s true agenda.

The Second Amendment Foundation is one of the few groups doing the heavy lifting on acting on behalf of firearm owners across the nation. Their efforts and efforts like theirs will help ensure fundamental rights and liberties will be safeguarded for generations to come.