Gun control activist goes full Chicken Little on Constitutional Carry

Gun control activist goes full Chicken Little on Constitutional Carry
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Alabama is getting closer and closer to becoming a permitless carry state. Yes, there have been extensive challenges, up to and including the Sheriff’s Association playing politics and not supporting the passage of such a law. I covered extensively that situation earlier in the week and also highlighted the work that groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) are doing to support Alabama going permitless.


The strange bedfellows that the Sheriff’s Association has with screaming commie mommy groups is troubling. Recently one of the red shirted “do gooders” was screaming from the rooftops in a letter to the editor.

The Alabama legislature is currently considering passing a dangerous Permitless Carry bill. Alabama’s current permitting system helps keep Alabama families safe by making sure that people carrying concealed handguns in public pass background checks. Repealing our permitting requirements would dismantle Alabama’s culture of responsible gun ownership and allow people with dangerous histories to evade background check requirements and safe-guards to ensure people carrying guns in public are responsible gun owners.

What Paula Wilson, the author of the letter and Co-Chapter Leader over at the Alabama Moms Demand Action (MDA) conveniently leaves out in her magnum opus is that the permitting system does nothing to help keep Alabama families or citizens or non-citizens “safe”. The permitting law does not “make sure” that people carrying concealed handguns in public pass background checks. All the law does is make sure that people that are LEGALLY carrying concealed handguns in public pass the background checks. 

There are already background checks, near the same ones needed in order to purchase a firearm, so how did these people that don’t pass a background check that are carrying actually get a gun? They’re criminals Paula, that’s why. Because criminals don’t follow the law.


And while we’re discussing it, talking about “Alabama families” as the kernel of your argument, news flash, Moms Demand Action does not hold a trademark on things like the family unit. You do not talk for all moms or families. But I applaud you in trying to steer the narrative.

States that have weakened their permitting systems have seen both handgun homicide and assault increase. Make no mistake: Alabama’s gun violence crisis would get even worse if permitless carry passes.

What Ms. Wilson neglected to do is provide us with some proof of her claims. Last time I checked, the states and jurisdictions with the most strict gun laws have the most violent cities. Further, I recently highlighted that of all the cities that have seen a sharp uptick in violent crime in the last year, their citizens in those counties all overwhelmingly voted for Biden. The statistics are available, so cite them Paula.

But what’s in a statistic anyhow? After all, it’s in MDA’s playbook to completely ignore the facts, figures, and statistics and focus on the emotional elements here. So I’m told, if I had to gather, if I may have taken a peek at and read some of the hammer and sickle laden literature.

The bottom line is this: Permitless Carry legislation will put our communities at risk by allowing more guns in public spaces while lowering the bar for who gets to carry them. This poses a grave threat to the public and those working to protect us. At a time of rising gun violence, we need common sense gun safety laws that make us safer, not less safe. Please contact your legislators and tell them to oppose Permitless Carry.


There’s not much else left to say other than “wow”. The red shirted pinko Karens at MDA love to spread disinformation. The biggest thing that MDA is failing to bring up, besides the fact that criminals do what they want to anyhow, is that permitless open carry is already law in Alabama. The naive and saccharine attempts to make it seem that because needing a permit is the law that everyone will follow is absurd and grossly obtuse.

Is it ignorance? Is stupidity what we’re dealing with? Or is Wilson complicit with knowingly being a liar? I don’t know. I associate mothers with wholesome things like telling the truth, and I also associate them with wisdom. Maybe it’s high time the astroturf group changes their name from Moms Demand Action to People Who Want to Disarm You, because that’s really what they advocate for.

The fact that they’re mothers is moot, as I know a whole cadre of teal wearing women who not only debunk MDA’s myths, have taken responsibility for their own and their families’ safety, but also are a real salt of the Earth grassroots organization; #tealteamtwo. Spoiler alert for any moms demanding action who might read this; the DC Project is growing, getting stronger, and getting louder, so brace for impact.

It’s certainly not my job to tell people how to vote or think. I have though taken it upon myself to at least inform people of what’s going on. Elections have consequences, as well as the giving of feedback to the media and our legislators.


Remember that the Alabama Sheriff’s Association has teamed up with this group in trying to stop the legislature from returning rights that were stolen from the people. In Wilson’s letter she requests that people reach out to their legislators, and I’d agree. Let them know you support Constitutional Carry. I’d also call up the Sheriff’s Association to let them know your thoughts as well. It wouldn’t hurt to write to your local Alabama papers too.

Want to help counter the narrative MDA and their ilk spreads? Check out this link by clicking HERE.

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