Second Amendment Foundation welcomes XInsurance as new sponsor

Second Amendment Foundation welcomes XInsurance as new sponsor
AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is one of the premier gun rights organizations in the United States. Along with several other on the national level, the SAF is a stop-gap between American Citizens and their rights being stripped away. Without financial support, organizations like the SAF would cease to exist, and undoubtedly so would our Second Amendment right. It was announced recently that the SAF welcomed XInsurance as a Gold Level Supporter.

The Second Amendment Foundation today welcomes XInsurance as its newest participant in the “Corporate Sponsorship Program” as a Gold Level supporter for 2022.

XInsurance has offices in Chicago, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia and Naples, Fla.

“We’re grateful and delighted to have this strong support from XInsurance,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “We know their commitment to the Second Amendment is solid, and I’m taking this opportunity to publicly thank XInsurance CEO Rick Lindsey for this generous support as we carry on our work winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.”

“XInsurance is proud to partner with the Second Amendment Foundation and Mr. Alan Gottlieb,” Rick Lindsey added. “SAF is doing the hard work in the nation’s courtrooms and we stand by their great work as a financial partner in this outstanding organization.”

XInsurance offers policies for those who may traditionally find it difficult to procure a policy, as well as cover individuals and businesses in areas that are not normally covered by other policies. The XInsurance page notes:

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

Trouble Getting Coverage?

XINSURANCE also specializes in helping individuals and businesses who live a lifestyle or participate in activities that make them difficult for traditional carriers to insure. If you’ve been denied, non-renewed, or canceled coverage, don’t give up quite yet. Chances are XINSURANCE can help.

XInsurance is linked to the industry, and the SAF is not the only organization or company to receive benefits from them, as noted in SAF’s announcement.

XInsurance happens also to be the biggest sponsor of Armed American Radio, hosted by Mark Walters, who sits on the Board of Directors of SAF’s sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

“There is a reason XInsurance is taking the firearms industry by storm,” Walters observed. “A real insurance company protecting individual freedom and the businesses that make up the industry as a whole. From CEO Rick Lindsey on down, XInsurance is staffed by people who understand, love and support the Second Amendment. They are the real deal.”

SAF has been challenging restrictive gun control laws in state and federal courts for more than 40 years. The landmark 2010 Supreme Court case of McDonald v. City of Chicago that nullified Chicago’s 30-year-old handgun ban and incorporated the Second Amendment to the states via the 14th Amendment was a SAF case.

The Second Amendment Foundation and their Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb are no strangers to the pages of Bearing Arms. And for good reason. The SAF is embroiled in litigation all over the country, all in support of our Second Amendment right. Most recently, the SAF celebrated a victory out of the 5th Circuit on the matter of a suit involving New Jersey and plans for 3D printed firearms. Without benefactors like XInsurance, this kind of work would not be able to occur. We should all be looking towards both the SAF and XInsurance with great appreciation for safeguarding our fundamental rights.