New Jersey AG launches another freedom-hating fishing expedition

New Jersey AG launches another freedom-hating fishing expedition
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It seems as if the collective progressive anti-civil rights hive mind gets all the same messages immediately via telex, like something out of John Wick. I can hear the news wires ticking away in the dungeons of liberty-hating headquarters, where the likes of NJ politicians/political appointees, Biden-Harris troupe members, and swamp creatures from the semi-defunct Ministry of Truth that’s languishing in the darkness. As quickly as Biden’s disinformation board surfaced, they kinda disappeared. Kinda?

America’s not quite ready for 1984 and the veiled attempts to push the First Amendment subverting agencies further into power. That’s not to say that in New Jersey, where the residents have been beaten down into a pulp of submission and peasantry, these kinds of tactics won’t persist. There’s a whole series of litigation revolving around the NJ Consumer Protection laws and firearm manufacturers, and now there’s more shenanigans. It was announced on social media and via a press release that Governor Phil Murphy’s lap dog, acting Attorney General Matthew Platkin, is trying to flex some 1984 style free speech chilling himself.

New Jersey OAG

In the wake of deadly Buffalo shooting, we are investigating Discord and Twitch to see if they are violating state consumer protection laws by failing to moderate harmful content and enforce policies prohibiting violent extremism and hateful conduct.

If readers recall, the string of Acting Attorney Generals, since the former permanent AG left office, have been on the offense against firearm manufacturers. Most notable a case involving Smith and Wesson. The State claims that companies like Smith and Wesson are afoul of the NJ Consumer Protection laws because of their advertising. In jackbooted fashions, the AG’s have demanded that Smith and Wesson hand over all their internal documents on their marketing, just like that. To put it lightly, the State has exercised extreme overreach in the company’s rights on several grounds. Attack the 1A to get at the 2A. Very troubling is this new wave of attacks weaponizing the Consumer Protection office.

Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin announced today that New Jersey has launched an investigation of social media platforms Discord and Twitch in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo. The investigation seeks to determine if the platforms are violating state consumer protection laws by failing to moderate harmful content and enforce policies prohibiting violent extremism and hateful conduct.

The suspect in the May 14 attack reportedly used the social media platforms to plan and publicize the mass shooting, which authorities are calling a racially-motivated hate crime. The investigation will examine if lax content moderation and policy enforcement on the part of Discord and Twitch allow the platforms to serve as hubs for extremist and violent networking and community building, and as entry points for children to come into contact with extremist ideologies.

“These social media platforms have enormous reach, especially with young people, and have shown themselves to be staging grounds for hateful and extremist content that may radicalize children and others,” said Acting AG Platkin. “New Jersey has a substantial interest in investigating how these companies moderate and prohibit content that may harm consumers. Under New Jersey law companies must deliver on their promises, and the persistence of violent extremism and hateful conduct on these platforms casts doubt on their purported content moderation and enforcement policies and practices.”

Oh Acting AG Platkin, I can almost see you there with red braided pigtails shouting “How dare you!” to anyone and everyone that wishes to exercise free speech, freedom of assembly – even if online, and let’s face it, just generic freedom. Freedom and liberty are not things that Platkin’s handler the Murph finds allowable or agreeable, and thus, must quash the free exchange of information.

The First Amendment is in place exactly because of pinkos like Platkin and Murphy. They can nanny nanny poo poo all they want about what they find to be “hateful” or “extremist”, but unless there’s a real threat, the speech is protected. These swamp creatures are using their regulatory authority to bully companies and people into submission. Under the guise of the platforms not upholding their end ot the bargains in the way of them moderating or failing to moderate what New Jersey finds acceptable, the rest of us peasants are left standing in broken glass, mouth agape at the tactics the progressive machine will go through to ensure they can control all the narratives. They’re setting a stage folks and this is the tip of the iceberg IMHO.

“We will use our authority under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act to protect our residents,” said Cari Fais, Acting Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs. “Companies cannot advertise that they will do one thing, then do another. If these platforms represent that they will proactively moderate or prohibit violent extremism and hate, and then let it flourish unchecked with potentially harmful or even deadly consequences, it is unlawful.”

Among other things, the investigation announced today is centered on the platforms’ content moderation practices and enforcement against individuals who violate them. The investigation also focuses on how those moderation polices are applied to minors and children under 13 who use the sites.

Places like the Old South Meeting House and the Green Dragon, historic landmarks, must make Murphy twitch, and perhaps that’s why the carpetbagger came from Massachusetts to New Jersey? News flash Murph, people in bars and pubs are not talking about you in a loving light, nevermind the internet.

These little blips should be on everyone’s radar across the nation. The same tactics that New Jersey is using to attack the Second Amendment, they’re using to attack the First. A complete and total overreaching bastardization of what these offices were put in place for in the first place. This is the issue we run into when government becomes so large that we must regulate everything via agency, often with those in charge being appointed or hired, rather than elected.

Well here’s my vote New Jersey, if it’s worth anything anymore, I vote “nay” to attacking free speech and the right to keep and bear arms in any manner, nevermind overreaching murky, duckweed covered bureaucrats making money via a government dole off the infringement of civil liberties. Will the mule skinner allow those kinds of votes to count? Depends on how many mules they’ve got running.