Attorney General Garland playing favorites with civil liberties?

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When discussing the Second Amendment, one of the conditioning exercises I’ve personally had to go through has to do with language. Many people did and or do have to be conditioned to look at so-called “gun rights” through the correct lens. Friend, fellow contributor at AmmoLand News, and author of the Good Gun Bad Guy book series Dan Wos, often talks about optics and language. One big takeaway I received from him many years ago, is that so-called “gun rights” are civil liberties/rights. So-called “gun control” laws are in fact anti-civil liberty laws. This is an important concept to understand because when the talking heads bring up “civil rights”, they often outright ignore the Second Amendment. It seems this includes Attorney General Garland, the Supreme Court reject and Biden-Harris flunkey.


Recently Garland delivered remarks about the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) new strategic plan going forward.

“The Justice Department was founded exactly 152 years ago, on July 1, 1870. Today, the Department’s urgent mission continues: to uphold the rule of law; to keep our country safe from all threats, foreign and domestic; and to protect civil rights.

“The Strategic Plan we are issuing today reflects that charge. It organizes the Justice Department’s important responsibilities into five areas of focus that will guide our work in the years to come.”

Garland and his ilk loves to bring up that the DOJ was founded to protect civil rights. Let’s take a look at what areas of focus are being zeroed in on to bring equality or make stuff equitable, whatever it is we’re dealing with in 2022 to say “level playing field” (even though equitable is not, and equality is considered a pejorative).

“Our first area of focus is upholding the rule of law, which is the foundation of our democracy. To that end, we will continue to work to uphold the norms and principles that are essential to the fair application of our laws and to the Justice Department’s independence and integrity.

“Our second area of focus is keeping our country safe. The Justice Department will continue to counter both foreign-based and domestic-based threats that endanger our safety and our democracy. These include the threats posed by nation-states, terrorist groups, cyber criminals, and others who seek to undermine our democratic and economic institutions, as well as the threats posed by violent crime, drug-trafficking organizations, and those who target vulnerable populations.

“Our third area of focus is protecting civil rights. We will continue to use every resource at our disposal to reinvigorate civil rights enforcement, including by defending voting rights, deterring and prosecuting hate crimes, advancing environmental justice, and expanding access to justice.

“Our fourth area of focus is ensuring economic opportunity and fairness for all. The Department will continue to strengthen its antitrust and consumer protection efforts; combat fraud, waste, and abuse; and investigate and prosecute corporate crime and the individuals responsible.

“Our final area of focus is administering just court and correctional systems. The Justice Department will continue to work to ensure that our nation’s immigration court system is fairly administered, and that our federal prisons and detention centers are safe, transparent, and effectively managed.”


Those civil rights that Garland mentioned “defending voting rights, deterring and prosecuting hate crimes, advancing environmental justice, and expanding access to justice.” are ripe to be explored. Okay, voting rights and hate crimes are real issues. Giving more access to so-called justice, also a real issue, but I’m sure Garland has a different view on what that means than we do. “Advancing environmental justice” is just another progressive mind game to push environmental terrorism upon the population, and thus control everyone through “green” initiatives and mandates. Digression, thank God the EPA got a spanking from SCOTUS. That may save the Republic in more than one way going forward. I’m talking about you ATF, as well as others.

Looking at the plan for focus 3 on civil rights specifically, we find somewhat parroted sentiments to Garland’s remarks.


The Justice Department was founded during Reconstruction to protect the civil rights promised by the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments.  This work required confronting the racist conduct of the Ku Klux Klan and others who used terror and violence to keep Black Americans from exercising their rights.  Today, more than 150 years after the Department’s founding, far too many Americans still face discrimination.  Among other things, discrimination persists in voting, housing, and the criminal justice system, and historically underserved communities have disproportionately borne the brunt of the harm caused by pandemic, pollution, and climate change.  We honor the Department’s history by committing to a whole-of-Department approach to protecting civil rights and reducing barriers to equal justice and equal enjoyment of the rights, privileges, and immunities established by the Constitution and laws of the United States.


What other rights did Black Americans have infringements placed on? The right to keep and bear arms. And like today, Black Americans, and or those in underserved communities, still have their Second Amendment rights kept out of reach in many instances due to permitting laws, other regulations, and exorbitant fees.

Garland and the DOJ can’t sit back and brag about how great they are to minorities and protecting civil liberties if they refuse to respect all the fundamental rights. Beyond respecting the fundamental rights, the DOJ should be encouraging citizens to exercise said rights. 

Nowhere ever have I seen the DOJ or Garland proclaim that any person, marginalized or not, take up arms should they ever need them in the event of a self-defense situation. If Garland, the DOJ, the Biden-Harris Administration, really cared about the protection of these communities and said persons’ civil rights, don’t you think they’d also encourage them to pick up the slack where our police and justice system cannot provide the same?

It was just back in May that I pointed out the same hypocrisy coming from Garland:

Pulling a page out of history, let’s look at that Department of Justice and what they were up to from the time of its founding. Two years after the official formation of the DOJ, an April 19, 1872 letter addressed to the House of Representatives noted within Messages and Papers of the Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Grant addressed some issues that his then Attorney General and others communicated to him:

EXECUTIVE MANSION , April 19 , 1872. To the House of Representatives :

Most, if not all, of this information, except what I derived from the Attorney – General, came to me orally, and was to the effect that said counties were under the sway of powerful combinations, properly known as “Kuklux Klans,” the objects of which were by force and terror to prevent all political action not in accord with the views of the members; to deprive colored citizens of the right to bear arms and of the right to a free ballot; to suppress schools in which colored children were taught, and to reduce the colored people to a condition closely akin to that of slavery; that these combinations were organized and armed, and had rendered the local laws ineffectual to protect the classes whom they desired to oppress; that they had perpetrated many murders and hundreds of crimes of minor degree, all of which were unpunished; and that witnesses could not safely testify against them unless the more active members were placed under restraint.


Garland, Biden-Harris, the DOJ, and the rest of the anti-freedom caucus members are silent on the deprivation of the right to bear arms. Garland’s July 1st release comes a week and a day after the Supreme Court had to lay down, yet again, the law of the land and make clear that the Second Amendment…

…is not “a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.”

But why should we split hairs over this fact that’s been stated more than once for the digestion of governmental officials? Well, maybe because they talk a big game but really do fail to deliver on their word salad. Garland can get back to us about civil rights when his DOJ looks into all the gross infringements of the Second Amendment in this country, including the topic of executive overreach. This especially needs to be brought up in light of recent events. That EPA ruling is looking better and better by the day! Until then it’s best that Garland stays in his swamp as the Biden-Harris flunkey he is, where he’s thankfully not a Supreme Court Justice.

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