NYC Mayor wants "old-fashioned" policing for concealed carry, including knocking on doors

NYC Mayor wants "old-fashioned" policing for concealed carry, including knocking on doors
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The mere thought that a member of the executive branch of a government in the United States would think it’s okay to announce that they’re willing to go door-to-door on a hunt before they “allow” someone to exercise a civil right is ridiculous. Whenever I hear anyone talk about going door to door, I immediately think of broken glass and tactics that were employed by history’s most oppressive dictatorships. New York City’s own Mayor Eric “I care more about vegetables than people” Adams recently made a statement that we ought to not treat as hyperbole.


He’s certainly no criminal like Walter White, but Mayor Eric Adams is vowing to take up the “Breaking Bad” character’s mantle as the “one who knocks” — at least when it comes to gun permits in New York City.

“It is really about using the good, old-fashioned methods of doing investigation,” Adams said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning.

“When I became a police officer, people knocked on my neighbor’s doors and interviewed them and asked what type of person am I.”

Police officers will employ those “good old-fashioned” methods of investigation like knocking on neighbors’ doors as part of the background check requirements on potential gun permit holders included in New York’s new gun safety law.

Think I’m being melodramatic? Let’s visit how this proposal will lead to the further chilling of the exercise of the 2nd Amendment. As it is, I have beef with having to pony up the names of associates that I’m sure will speak nice about me, never mind people that are not necessarily in my inner circle. For Adams to advocate for the police to institute not so-called “old-fashioned methods of doing an investigation”, but rather a Gestapo-esque way of intimidating people, is just everyone getting a chance to see his true colors.


This tactic is a gross violation of peoples’ privacy. It’s none of anyone business at all whether or not an individual is seeking to get any type of permit for a firearm. As a matter of fact, people that may have a less than favorable relationship with neighbors may end up in a situation that’s even worse should someone with mal intent get consulted on the subject. Further, a neighbor that has beef with someone might purposefully scuttle any chances for the individual to actually procure their permits.

The new law in New York is illegal as it is. The fact that the citizens of New York need to take the state to the mattresses, yet again, is unfathomable to me, but obviously necessary. Many of the provisions are straight up unconstitutional.

Background checks will now require applicants to sit down for an in-person interview, submit four character references, a list of former and current social media accounts spanning the prior three years and disclose the names of their spouse or any other adults living in their home.

These invasions of privacy are designed to make the process burdensome and deter individuals from trying to exercise their right. Adams’s proposal is only going to add fuel to the fire of burning books that the New York regime has set aflame as the Empire State continues its downward death spiral into a new reich.


NYSRPA v. Bruen clearly outlined potential requirements for getting a permit, and the already existing NICS system is enough of a barometer to separate the fit from the unfit elements in society. The great philosopher Patches O’ Houlihan once said, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” And to that I say, if you can pass a NICS, you can carry a gun. Unfortunately it’s not all that simple. Meanwhile, Adams and Hochul can be seen goose-stepping arm in arm, usurping rights.

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