Fatal mass stabbing evidence of what we already know

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Proponents of freedom and liberty often cite the fact that prohibitionists need to demonize the acts, and actors, versus the tools used in inflicting harm or completing some sort of attack. A recent high profile attack in Canada, eh, makes all the arguments for us and then some. The attack, a multiple person stabbing event, was a tragic act of senseless murder. Early reports discussed the toll.


Canadian authorities are searching for two men in connection with a mass stabbing Sunday that left at least 10 dead and 15 injured across multiple crime scenes in Saskatchewan in central Canada.

Authorities have identified the two suspects as Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, and are advising the public to take appropriate precautions. The pair are believed to be armed and dangerous and traveling in a black Nissan Rogue with a Saskatchewan license plate 119 MPI.

The victims and their families are in our thoughts and prayers, as such acts are terrible. The normal rhetoric that we’d lay down in a situation like this revolves around the fact that these victims were defenseless in a country that’s seeking the complete abolishment of handgun ownership and outlawing of firearms. Besides the fact that there was no one there armed that was able to stop the attack, the elephant in the room that the anti-freedom caucus needs to own is that these murder vicimts are not more nor less deceased because they were butchered with a knife rather than shot by a firearm. Same outcome.

The report notes the event as a “mass stabbing”, an event that’s becoming more and more common, with knife violence dominating in jurisdictions and countries where there are no firearms. The UK and other areas have knife amnesty programs. The serious debate over the weapons and tools used seems to get swiftly swept under the rug with the gun-grabbers constantly pushing for that “one more law” that’ll be the end all of all the troubles revolving around so-called “gun violence”.


Perhaps human beings have a violence issue? And at that, not all, or even many human beings have a violence issue. But we are looking at behavioral abnormalities that even buck evolutionary traits we may have adopted over time. Nothing in the animal kingdom suggests that organisms will attack other organisms unprovoked or without meaning. Whether it’s to establish dominance or obtain sustenance, our less evolved co-inhabitants on Earth in the rest of the animal kingdom generally attack with purpose and meaning. Since we’re not animals, most of that argument is moot. Further, why do we have such behavioral issues across wide swaths of the human element?

It was noted that one of the suspects in this particular attack was found dead and the other is still on the run at the time of this writing.

Canadian police on Monday found one of the suspects in a mass stabbing spree dead while the other suspect, his brother, was still on the run and may be injured, officials said.

The brothers Damien and Myles Sanderson are suspected of murdering 10 people and wounding 18 in a stabbing rampage that devastated an indigenous community in Saskatchewan on Sunday, in a country unaccustomed to outbreaks of mass violence.


As far as a motivation for these heinous acts, drugs and alcohol are being brought up as a potential catalyst or accelerant.

“This tragedy that happened here on our land, it’s all because of drugs and alcohol,” said Burns, adding that the involvement of drugs in the killings was discussed at a community meeting on Monday.

“The drug problem we have here is rampant. It’s gone out of control,” Burns said.

His comments echoed those on Sunday of Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, who connected the killings with drugs.

Although police have not identified drugs or alcohol as a factor, Burns said the men responsible for the killings are band members and were high at the time of the crimes. Band is a term used to refer to certain First Nations communities in Canada.

Canada, which was described above as being “a country unaccustomed to outbreaks of mass violence” has been clamping down on gun rights. The continued attacks on Canadian’s ability to self-defend in any manner has not aided in squelching acts of violence in a country that allegedly already has three times less the amount of violence than their neighbor to the south. But yet our frost backed friends are staring at more prohibitions on what firearms they may or may not own. The Canadian government wanting to disarm their people probably has nothing to do, what-so-ever, with the restrictions that were placed on the people, nor antics that arose involving truckers in the wake of pandemicry.


Evil will find a way. In this case it involves knives and governments banning firearms. Even the great white north cannot ignore its the acts and actors.

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