Hammer attack at the Pelosi home illustrates importance of firearms

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

The news has been swirling around about the recent attack that occurred at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home. It’s alleged that at 02:27 am on October 28, 2022, a suspect was arrested at the Pelosi’s home. The suspect, David DePape, 42, while in his underwear, allegedly beat Mr. Paul Pelosi with a hammer. My colleagues over at Townhall, Spencer Brown and Matt Vespa, both covered the attack previously. Vespa observed that the details of the invasion keep getting weirder and weirder. I have to agree with Vespa on that assertion, and I predict the details are going to continue to morph as the “facts” are relayed to the public at large. What’s not up for debate though, is the fact that had Pelosi been armed, the outcome would have likely been different. At least the possibility would have been there.


We’ll ignore whether or not the Pelosi household has any type of security systems, guard dogs, or private security (with Nancy off in DC, probably no – certainly no Capitol Police in her absence), and so on and so forth. We’ll ignore the question of “Is there any security footage from a camera system?”, if there was surveillance.  What we can’t ignore is that a disarmament mentality may have led to Pelosi’s serious injuries.

Our friends over at the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) recently expressed their condemnation of the attack. While wishing Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery, the CCRKBA did offer some insight on the alleged assault.

“News reports say the suspect assaulted Mr. Pelosi with a hammer, which should preclude any effort by Speaker Pelosi’s Democrat colleagues to exploit this horrible incident for the purpose of advancing their extremist gun control agenda,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “This is the kind of violent crime against which average citizens, including Speaker Pelosi’s constituents, must be prepared to defend themselves on a daily basis in an environment where the far left has pushed ‘defund-the-police’ efforts and adopted policies which have allowed dangerous individuals to roam our streets and neighborhoods.”


Gottlieb echoes a sentiment that many private citizens are becoming more and more aware of, the fact that we’re on our own. While progressive pushes have been in favor of both the disarmament of citizens, and the defunding of the police, such acts of violent mayhem are allowed to proliferate in said environment.

“Tens of millions of law-abiding citizens have chosen to exercise their constitutionally-protected Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves and their loved ones against such depravity,” he continued. “While the authorities have not yet established a motive for this attack, the incident underscores the fact that no citizen, regardless their place of residence or financial status, is immune from violent crime.”

I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that Gottlieb is actually not bringing forth the full gravity of the dynamic we’re seeing in the United States. He correct about how no one is immune to violent crime, regardless of socio economics, something does get a little lost. Gottlieb did mention that a motive was not known yet, but let’s consider “normal break ins” that don’t include men in their underwear, the Speaker of the House, and a phone charging in the bathroom.

The correlation needs to be addressed of those who live in so-called bedroom communities, middle class/upper middle class suburbs, are actually more susceptible to violence in the form of break-ins and thefts than others. When discussing the hardening of homes, many instructors, myself included, have to remind people that criminals not only prey on the down-trodden, but they also like to steal things from what appear to be well-off homes.


The upper crust is not immune either, which Gottlieb pointed out. There have been many reports in my home state of New Jersey of wealthy neighborhoods having their luxury cars stolen from their driveways. People like to steal nice things. Granted, many of those cars were stolen because the owners left the fobs/keys in them unlocked, but nevermind that. One of my friends who lives in such a neighborhood won’t roll the trash down to the curb unless he’s armed.

While the full details of this incident are not out yet, that does not negate the allegations that there was an act of violence committed. Mr. Pelosi was hospitalized after being beaten by a man with a hammer, and it’s reported he’s expected to make a full recovery after surgery.

“It is cases like this which demonstrate the foolishness of efforts to restrict the rights of honest citizens to own and even carry firearms for their personal protection,” Gottlieb said. “When someone—including Mr. Pelosi—is attacked in their own home, or in a public place, even on a sidewalk, by someone wielding a hammer or other potentially deadly weapon, that person has an absolute right to defend himself or herself. In a situation like this, a gun beats a hammer every time.”

The mainstream media can postulate back and forth about whether or not Mr. Pelosi’s attacker was in his underpants or not. Why Mr. Pelosi’s phone was in the restroom charging, is great detail in this story worth figuring out. At 2am, my phone is usually at my bedside charging – because I’m asleep. Reports that DePape was a friend of Mr. Pelosi are also circulating, as pointed out by Vespa, which may be miscommunications, or not. There are many other reports that are going to go wildly down the tin foil hat rabbit hole, as well.


What’s not up for conjecture or dispute, is what Gottlieb pointed out, a gun beats a hammer every time. From all accounts, this sounds like a senseless violent attack. Even if it were not, and Mr. Pelosi was an aggressor of sorts, which I’m not insinuating at all, he was in his own home. Guests that are welcomed into homes, or arrive there forcibly and are unwelcomed, have no business beating one of inhabitants with a hammer, excepting in some rather peculiar situations that’ll be hard to prove. I’m sure the rest of the details will emerge.

Wishing Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery and hoping that he’ll consider being armed in the future. Should Mr. Pelosi like both guidance on firearm selection and training on the use of arms, I’m sure we can connect him with someone that’d be happy to help him out. Dick Heller has offered…


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