We were nominated to be person of the year!

We were nominated to be person of the year!
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A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to be in-studio in upstate New York for a recording of Dan Wos’s The Loaded Mic podcast. Wos, a renowned writer, my colleague over at AmmoLand News, commentator, and author of the Good Gun Bad Guy book series, invited me to be a guest on his show. We were having some cigars in Dallas a couple of months ago at the Gun Rights Policy Conference when we made our plans. Wos and his co-hosts, John Chiara and Anthony Deso, took content creator Charlie Cook and I in to record a Christmas Special full of hijinx. Cook, the personality known for the award winning show Riding Shotgun With Charlie and from Charlie’s Gun Grams, congratulated us all. Congratulations were in order? Apparently we were all nominated for and made the short list for Time Person of the Year (POY). Cook had called me a few days prior to let me in on the special news before his announcement on the show.


Towards the beginning of the month, The Hill announced who was in the running for Time magazine’s POY. Time has been naming a POY since the twenties and we’ve seen figures from all different walks of life receive the honor.

The spoiler alert here is Time has since announced their person of the year, Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky, the actor, or is it President of Ukraine, took the honor and glory from us. But that’s not to mean there’s reason we shouldn’t celebrate.

Before diving into us, here’s who else was tapped with equal weight to potentially be the winningest person. I sure do have some mixed feelings about the list.

Elon Musk
Xi Jinping
The Supreme Court
Liz Cheney
MacKenzie Scott
Protesters in Iran
Ron DeSantis
Janet Yellen

Finally us. Gun safety advocates. I’m assuming many that cruise the pages of Bearing Arms are advocates for gun safety, no? You know, treat every gun as if it’s loaded. Keep the finger off the trigger. All that stuff, right? Because that’s gun safety.

Sadly, you already know where this is going. They were not talking about real safety advocates but about those pesky pinko gun-grabbers. Here’s what The Hill had to say about “gun safety advocates”:

While the U.S. is rocked by gun violence every year, 2022 was particularly painful for many Americans.

The mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, shocked the nation and was one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. The tragedy led to the first bipartisan law on gun control in decades.

After Uvalde — and a deadly hate attack in Buffalo, N.Y. — thousands demonstrated across the U.S. to call for stricter gun control laws.


None of that has to do with gun safety, we know this. That’s the huge joke of how these groups present themselves. How they identify. I have emailed Moms Demand Action in the past and asked them where I could take one of their gun safety courses, a story I relayed on The Loaded Mic. I’m still waiting on an answer from the commie mommies. When Cook congratulated us all, we all had a good laugh at the expense of these so-called “safety advocates”, but really, there’s nothing funny about it.

For Time to tap this “group” for Person of the Year is laughable. Was it because the “first bipartisan law on gun control in decades” got passed and signed? Has Time looked into what Biden’s law actually did? Essentially nothing. Not really nothing, but not much of anything either. Don’t get me wrong, the GOP members that supported the measure are traitors, but the law was not exactly the “turn em all in” that the pinkos really want.

2022 is a post NYSRPA v. Bruen time. The other day I referenced the present time as the beginning of the golden age to removing restrictions on the civil liberty of arms ownership, procurement, possession, and carry. To see an anti-civil liberties movement be selected for their extraordinary efforts to try and usurp the rights of their countrymen is deplorable.

Was Democrat Governor Wallace the Person of the Year during the civil rights movement post Brown v. Board of Ed? No. In 1963, the year that Wallace stood in the doorway of the schoolhouse, the Time Man of the Year was Martin Luther King, Jr. President Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, was Man of the Year following King.


As noted, The Hill mentioned The Supreme Court in the running. What did they have to say about SCOTUS in regards to such a nomination?

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the nearly 50-year-old case precedent Roe v. Wade in June, enacting one of the most controversial rulings in the high court’s modern history.

With abortion no longer protected under the Constitution, the ruling opened the door for about half of the states to severely restrict abortion access.

Justice Clarence Thomas was also among the most controversial figures in the news this year, after his wife was reportedly involved with the Trump administration’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

And Thomas called for a reexamination of the constitutionally protected right to a same-sex marriage, which set off congressional action.

Nothing about the biggest civil rights case to be decided on in a great while? Nothing on NYSRPA v. Bruen? The talking heads were fixated on the big “A”, which is not within the bounds of exploration here, among other topics that have been explored at sister sites such as Townhall.

Cook, myself, Wos and his staff all made jest over the joke about who the real gun safety advocates are. In reality, yes we should all be considered for this honor. All of us that are lovers of freedom should be earmarked as POYs. Not the so-called “gun safety advocates” who are paid shills. The Moms Demand Action women in “leadership” positions, who do nothing but take orders from a rich man are worthy? Quite empowering for the women by Mr. Bloomberg’s hand. He’s a regular feminist.


The irony of the two hour long special we recorded with Wos at his headquarters is that YouTube has since canceled The Loaded Mic show. Wos broke the Christmas special up into two parts. One aired on Friday the 16th of December, which you can view HERE or in the embed below. Shortly after running it, The Loaded Mic got their walking papers from YouTube.

The second half is due to roll out on Friday the 30th. So keep your eyes on their Rumble page

What offensive act did we all, or Wos and his crew, commit? Nothing other than speaking our minds…you know, that exercising of our civil liberties. As a matter of fact, content we thought would get the show banned from YouTube was cut out of the version published there. The episode I was on broke the podcast! At least that’s what I’m telling people, even though Wos said it was a show from over a year ago that created their demise. According to Wos, that show is worth a gander (well, it did get them completely deplatformed by YouTube).

Tune into The Loaded Mic to see what all the hub-bub was all about. It’s a cutting edge show and the latest canceled YouTube content that fell as a casualty to the woke rage mob. The Loaded Mic is over on Rumble as well as many popular podcast pages. You won’t hear from any of Time’s Persons of the Year on the show, but you’ll surely be entertained and enlightened by Wos, his co-hosts, and their guests. Besides, you can hear me rattle on for a two part episode about all the same crazy nonsense I write about here at Bearing Arms.


Part one of the Christmas Special Episode 103 is HERE & below. Stay tuned for part two rolling out Friday the 30th (HERE and below)!

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