NJ paper's editorial staff digging deep to demonize Second Amendment

NJ paper's editorial staff digging deep to demonize Second Amendment
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New Jersey. It’s been what, all of a day since one of us here at Bearing Arms mentioned the Garden State? One of the biggest news controllers in the state of New Jersey, NJ Advance Media, through the Star Ledger newspaper, sent out a rocket of garbage hidden behind a paywall. The article “The 2nd Amendment is a curse” is an anti-love letter to anything freedom loving, and leans on really weak arguments assuming the readers are a bunch of rubes. The power brokers in New Jersey, and across the country are freaking out about the peasants being able to have their pitchforks since the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision, and they really don’t know how to handle it. The editorial, instead of being a source of salient information, it rather served as some sort of catharsis for the emotionally stunted progressives in charge that just can’t handle civil liberties.


The “editorial board” put this together. Not one brave enough soul could put their name to it! Or was this something fed to them? NJ.com hosts the NJ Advance Media properties, but the Advance Local LLC brand is who owns NJ Advance Media, and a whole slew of other news sources across the country. Either event, this being fed to the group, or no one wanting to put their name to it, is telling that’s how this drivel called an editorial is being passed off to the readers. 

The first big glaring issue with the “editorial board” opinion is that they came to the table ill equipped to discuss the topic. These writers do not know what they’re talking about. Not even a little. If the jackals that work for NJ.com, or any media source for that matter, ever need some help in understanding the material they’re trying to write about concerning firearms or the Second Amendment, track down my email address, it’s not very hard, and ask questions. Or find another adult in the room to help you. I’ll gladly help you understand what you’re about to report on. That’s not what this is about. This is about misinformation and scaring the masses into agreeing with your dangerous position that the Second Amendment is a curse. For a group of people that sure love the First Amendment, they ought to see the value and need for the Second Amendment.

The staff starts off asking a question that many New Jersey permit to carry holders have been asking for months. Actually, the gun owners even asked Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, the alleged author of the new “carry killer” law. I don’t know why the staff did not just reach out to Danielsen’s office to ask him what they asked the either. 


As we ring in 2023 and resolve to improve our health, let us not forget: Even in blue New Jersey, we’re still squabbling over where, exactly, you can roll up with a Glock tucked into your waistband – A restaurant? A day care center?

Yes the “carry killer” law has made it essentially impossible to carry a firearm in public. I know the board was being tongue in cheek about the style of carry, “tucked into your waistband”, but the new law dictates the firearm must be in a proper holster. Not just tucked away. We can’t credit the authors of this piece by assuming they did any real reading or homework on what they’ve written about.

Something that the board deemed was necessary, since the honored institution of New York’s (and by extension New Jersey’s) carry laws were placed under attack by the big bad conservative zealots, was to play dirty and deflect. Naturally the board could not discuss firearms without invoking the golden calf of the nuevo progressive movement; abortion.

After the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority revoked women’s right to an abortion, overturning a 49-year-old legal precedent, it also struck down a more-than-century-old state law that restricts the right to carry a concealed handgun in public.

Our governor just responded by signing new legislation to sharply limit where guns can be carried in New Jersey. Where you have fewer guns and stricter laws, you have fewer gun injuries and deaths, research has shown. Yet while most people are solidly on his side, the law may not withstand legal challenges. The gun lobby has vowed that it “will go down in a flaming ash heap.”


Ah yes, Governor Phil Murphy, who’s eyeing a run for the White House, with his new ridiculous looking hair style, rode in like a knight in shining armor.

The issue with the board’s reasoning here is they think it’s okay to trample on this civil liberty because it’s alleged “most people” are on Murphy’s side. Based on what? A poll by the administration? The board needs to look at the 500+ witness statements in a stack, from people against the measure. Versus the say 30 in support. That was for only one of the committee meetings! So what about those people’s opinions? By the numbers Murphy and the board are wrong.

It’s a good thing that our liberties don’t sit in the balance of opinion, but rather are gauged by what the Constitution says. The Constitution, which the board tried to bend to their will when picking apart the Second Amendment. The board tried to take a stab at the militia clause of the Second Amendment, ignoring of course who’s right shall not be infringed because the militia should be in place. The People’s right. That’s who’s right it is. They further took issue with the well regulated portion of said militia, using their small modern brains. The well regulated portion had to do with the People being well trained, and well equipped. In modern times, that would mean every household should own a select-fire AR-15, have plenty of ammunition, and proper gear to bug out if called upon.


Yet even with this extremist ruling, there’s still plenty that Congress could do: Require background checks for all gun purchases, along with better training, safe storage and trigger locks. Take guns from abusive spouses, and tighten up the enforcement of laws on straw purchases of weapons. Build an effective red-flag system. After all, if a militia is “well-regulated” on its use of arms, shouldn’t the average American be?

This part is all about the politics – and our nation’s fetish with gun culture, in which it’s perfectly normal for the R.O.T.C. in high schools to accept funding from the NRA in return for the promise that they’ll advocate in public schools for the gun lobby.

If the editorial board is going to play these semantical games, then let’s play them. Let’s dig into what the historical context of all of this really is. That’s what the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision says needs to be done. If that means the amendment is a curse, then so be it. The thing the board needs to keep in mind is that the Second Amendment was written after a bloody war was fought based over financial extortion, the disarmament of the people, the exertion of will upon others, and trying to force people how to think and what to do. The Second Amendment is a stop-gap to those things occurring, and it comes as no shock that anyone within the leadership of NJ Advance Media, and upwards, would find that ability to be offensive. It’s understood NJ.com et.al. is in the business of controlling the minds of people.


The board suggests we look to Canada and how awesome things are up there, with the near complete ban on all arms sales. Oh Canada! They treated their people oh so well when the government froze out peoples’ bank accounts when they petitioned their government during a protest.

Now even Canada finds its level of carnage unpalatable, and is embracing real change in 2023. If only we could summon the will do to the same. But no: On this side of the border, gun safety is just another broken resolution.

This is where we could inject some comment about Canada’s new government assisted suicide initiatives, but we won’t. “Real change” indeed.

I can go on and quote and pull apart further the editorial board’s magnum opus, but there’s no need. They should have lost every single reader the second they started talking about abortion, a non-sequitur to the debate on firearm ownership. By every single reader, I mean the progressive and pinko commies too. While some people may or may not agree with the board on that statement, they should however be lucid enough to say “that’s got nothing to do with this.” Case closed.

The board of the Star Ledger advocating for restrictions on this right is the same as advocating for racial segregation. In my opinion, in essence, the paper is acting as a pulpit of hate to purposely spread misinformation.

The Second Amendment is a clear threat to the progressive and globalist agenda. Administrations like Murphy’s have to continue to push ahead on keeping people disarmed. It’s easier to control the people when crime is out of control, people cannot self-defend, and they have to lean on the government for aid that just won’t come. 


My message to the editorial board is just be honest. Don’t make things up. Tell everyone that you just don’t like guns because you want to see the people under control. That makes more sense and is apparent within your piece. You try to disguise your true feelings with a blanket of ignorance and bunk statistics. Do you really think your readership is too obtuse to see through this?

Oh, and the editors over there need to grow a pair. You shouldn’t be putting this kind of trash behind a paywall. Leave it open so that the rest of America that refuses to pay for your crummy content can read how ignorant and biased you are. Let your hatred shine for all to see!


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