Are some Democrats getting it on illegal immigration and overall public safety?

Are some Democrats getting it on illegal immigration and overall public safety?
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Back in October of 2022 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pulled one of the ultimate troll moves levied against the pinnacle of liberal elitists in the United States. DeSantis had illegal immigrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts, home of one of Barack Obama’s estates, and apparently a land that’ll obviously be untouched from so-called climate change/global warming and rising sea levels associated with the crisis. The stunt, in my opinion, pales in comparison to a move Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis pulled. Simply because of party affiliation. It’s alleged that Polls has been exploring illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities such as Chicago and New York. Maybe Polis gets it when it comes to the public safety of his citizens and how an unthrottled influx of illegals can affect the state of things.


The mayors of Chicago and New York apparently took exception to what Polis has been doing and sent him a “shame on you” letter, admonishing him for this activity.

From the letter:

Dear Governor Polis:

It is apparent that the influx of asylum seekers has provoked consternation amongst states. Although we share the concerns of accommodating the flood of asylum seekers, overburdening other cities is not the solution. We respectfully demand that you cease and desist sending migrants to New York City and Chicago. Since December of 2022, Chicago and New York City have received hundreds of individuals from Colorado. Before the first bus arrived in either of our cities, we informed a Colorado official directly that neither city had any additional room to accommodate any more migrants because of the thousands of migrants that had already been inhumanely bused to our respective cities from Texas since spring of 2022.

Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and New York City Mayor Eric Adams collectively point their little acustory fingers at Polis, but they don’t go nearly as far as maybe they should. They “respectfully demand” that no more migrants are sent to the Windy City and the Big Apple. Adams and Lightfoot refer to illegals being sent from Texas having been done so “inhumanely” (on buses), but no such accusation is made towards their fellow Democrat. We should all find it odd that the two cohorts don’t make a similar statement to their colleague. How dare he!

This is where we need to tip our hats at Polis, as the letter continues to set the stage.


Our understanding is that Colorado purports to be a welcoming state. At least as far as we are concerned, whether a welcoming state or welcoming city, the leaders must make sure that those values are lived in good times and especially in challenging times. That is what we have done and we urge you as governor of Colorado to do the same. We know it is hard because we have been facing these challenges for the last nine months. Colorado must reconsider its decision to send people, who are sheltered and receiving services from Denver-based community organizations, out of state, and particularly to cities like ours.

We have seen your statements in the media that you are simply accommodating the wishes of migrants to come to cities like New York City and Chicago. Both our cites are working tirelessly to ensure that migrants are able to reach their desired destinations where they are reunited with loved ones. However, you are sending migrants and families to New York City and Chicago that do not have any ties, family members or community networks to welcome them, and at a time where both cities are at maximum capacity in shelter space and available services.

“Welcoming state” is code for what? A Democrat run area seeking to outlaw firearm ownership, and demonize those who self-defend? A state that ignores the rule of law such as the federal prohibition on marijuana? That is the trend that Colorado is following, lawless disrespect for the Constitution. New York and Chicago are basically begging for no more immigrants and the leaders from these progressive safe havens are doing a piss poor job in articulating why Polis is wrong in doing what he did.


The letter continues by the mayors patting themselves on the back and listing out the numbers of migrants they’ve welcomed into their cities. They toss around the numbers in some sort of sick virtual signal, as they are using them for their own political agenda is any less inhumane than bringing asylum seekers to where they’re allegedly welcomed. Er, I guess that’d be unwelcomed now.

The duo dot the “i” in closing.

To reiterate, you must stop busing migrants to Chicago and New York City. In the case of family reunification, let us work together to ensure that people are reconnected with their loved ones, however sending migrants to our cities whose systems are over capacity, where they may struggle to find shelter and other services is wrong and further victimizes these most vulnerable individuals. These actions do not live up to the values of a proclaimed welcoming state and should stop immediately.

Instead, let us work together to advocate to the federal government for a national solution that responds to this need. New York City and Chicago have always been cities of immigrants. While we are all grappling with a manufactured humanitarian crisis, we must all come together to address this nationwide problem and look forward to working together to meet this challenge.

You shall not pass! Okay Adams and Lightfoot. Polis must stop or else what? What’s Lightfoot and Adams going to do about it? Instead of mincing words, making hollow threats, and clucking on about so-called manufactured humanitarian crises, the pair should focus on their law abiding, tax paying citizens, and protecting and serving them. They are correct in stating that the situation is a manufactured humanitarian crisis, in the form of allowing illegals to enter the country.


Rather than boasting and bragging about what a great oasis these so-called sanctuaries are, maybe the mayors and leaders of these jurisdictions across the nation could respect the rule of Federal law and enforce immigration law. While we all know that we’re dealing with a compromised DOJ and executive branch as it is, that does not mean that these areas should so flippantly ignore the law of the land, and contribute further to the chaos some what to see occur in the Union.

If jurisdictions like New York and Chicago actually respected the law, their cities would not be the dangerous cesspools that they are. Specifically, if the Second Amendment rights of the citizens were celebrated, and lawful self-defense became decriminalized in these progressive strongholds, there’d be much more prosperity than there is now. At least there would be a chance for more prosperity.

I have no sympathy for Adams or Lightfoot. They’re both inept and incompetent leaders that allow for crime to proliferate. At one point in time, as disappointed as I was to learn that Adams beat Curtis Sliwa in the mayoral election in New York City, I thought there was a small glimmer of hope for the direction Manhattan would be going in. Who could be worse than Warren Wilhelm Jr.? Looks like Adams is just trying to keep up. What a sham the former New York Police Officer turned out to be.

As for Polis and whatever he’s got going on, keep up the good work making these progressive loons mad. I won’t send you an official invitation to become a libertarian or conservative, but I do applaud you for making moves that seem to bring sanity back to the Democratic party by making a point. Make the ugly habit of these sanctuary cities become a toxic notion to leftists, and I dare say de-politicize the Second Amendment. We’ll all prosper.


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