California gun-grabber Democrat accused of domestic violence

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It was not too long ago the topic of a gun-grabbing California Democrat politician was in our pages for serious violent assault allegations. Hypocrisy being what it is, the “good for thee but not for me” bunch seems to pop up in the news in interesting ways. The party that’s so fond of taking away civil liberties really does seem to be projecting their innermost bits of fiber on everyone else, as the craziest allegations keep surfacing against members of the disarmament party. Representative Katie Porter, D-Calif., popped into the news with some old domestic abuse allegations, haunting her as she seeks higher office.


Representative Katie Porter is a Senate candidate. From Porter’s page, we’ll find a good deal of information on her support of so-called “gun safety.” There, a laundry list of items the Congresswoman supports, acts as a progressive punch-list for getting her certified pinko merit badge.

Congresswoman Porter is committed to advancing common sense reforms to keep our families safe from gun violence.

Congresswoman Porter is committed to standing up to the gun lobby to protect Orange County families from the threat of gun violence. In one of her first speeches on the House floor, Congresswoman Porter focused on the importance of taking action to prevent gun violence. She highlighted the inspirational advocacy of Mary Leigh and Charlie Blek, local leaders who have fought to reduce gun violence in our district and in California. She has also been an advocate for safe gun storage and hosted a town hall on the topic to share potentially life-saving information with Orange County families.

As a member of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Congresswoman Porter helped the House pass its most significant gun violence prevention legislation in decades. She voted for the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, which would require background checks on every gun sale in the country. She also backed the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021 to close the so-called “Charleston loophole” that allows a gun sale if a federal background check is not completed within three days—even if the buyer has a criminal record. This legislation included an amendment introduced by Congresswoman Porter that would require Congress to issue a report on the effect of firearm possession in domestic violence situations. Both bills passed the House with bipartisan support.


Porter’s support of disarmament policies and laws is rather hypocritical – or perhaps retrospective – given the allegations levied against her for alleged domestic abuse. did some through reporting on those serious allegations.

The ex-husband of California Democrat Senate candidate Rep. Katie Porter said he does “not recant” his domestic abuse allegations against the congresswoman after her campaign said that he did.

The allegations against Porter include claims that she dumped hot potatoes on her then-husband’s head and smashed a glass that led to him being cut by flying shards. Porter has separately faced accusations of running a toxic, emotionally abusive workplace by former staffers.

According to divorce documents received by Fox News Digital, Porter and her ex-husband, Matt Hoffman, both filed domestic violence restraining orders against each other after an April 2013 altercation at the home they shared while legally separated.

Hoffman alleged that Porter hit him “in the arm, causing a large bruise,” dumped boiling potatoes on his head and ridiculed him as “too dumb” to have a cellphone. He said that the congresswoman “waited all day, then called the police” and “made false allegations” against him 11 hours after a confrontation while brushing their teeth the day the police were called to their residence.

Police arrested Hoffman on battery charges at the residence after the confrontation in April 2013. Porter requested the temporary restraining order the next day.


Whatever was going on in the Hoffman-Porter household at the time, clearly it was not a good scene. Further conflict arises now, as it was stated that Porter’s campaign team said that Hoffman recanted his statements about the alleged abuse, however when contacted, said otherwise.

Porter’s campaign told Fox News Digital that Hoffman had “retracted” his statement, but Hoffman said he did “not recant” his allegations against the congresswoman.

Hoffman said he did not “recall stating I regretted making the allegations but, again, it’s been a long time.”

“I do not recant the allegations,” Hoffman added.

Whether or not Porter engaged in domestic violence, or if she was “running a toxic, emotionally abusive workplace” as alleged by former staffers, the Congresswoman seems to have some baggage that follows her around. Porter might be projecting or maybe she’s digging deep into her own damaged past, with her “support” for those who have been touched by violence is also stated on her page:

Congresswoman Porter also joined the House of Representatives in passing an extension of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that included a provision restricting convicted domestic abusers and stalkers from accessing guns. 

Contrary to the picture the pinkos like to paint in the U.S., people are innocent until proven guilty. Yes, the court of public opinion will weigh heavily on people who are under scrutiny for different allegations, we shouldn’t just jump to conclusions about a person’s alleged actions without due process. The Congresswoman, on merit alone as a lawmaker, is making a solid case as to why one should not vote for her. That all being said, it sure is suspicious that we have another gun-grabber that has allegations of violent behavior resurfacing. I’ll just say it, they’re projecting.


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