Vaultek sponsoring Kids S.A.F.E. a no brainer

Some of the more polarizing debates when it comes to firearms are storage and kids. When it comes to firearm storage, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. What’s right for one person and household might not be right for another. As far as children and guns go, it’s important that they’re educated on what to do if they find a firearm, and beyond that, giving them an education on the use and handling of guns aids in demystifying them. Learning that Vaultek has pledged sponsorship of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is a natural fit.


The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is excited to announce their newest sponsorship from Vaultek Safe Company. It will help support our program this year and to help continue the important work to protect children from a firearms accident, through proper education and secure storage. To receive support from a national leader in the secure storage industry is huge for KSF.  They have invested in the future of our country by helping a kids firearm safety organization that is diligently working to protect our country’s most valuable resource, our children.

The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is a 501©3 nonprofit organization, based in Oregon. Since our founding, back in 2016, we have reached over 28,000 kids in 5 states and taught them lifesaving skills on what to do if they ever come across an unsecured firearm. The goal is to empower our youth to make good, safe, decisions if they are ever put in a dangerous situation. Education and secure storage go hand in and it is the goal of the foundation to bring awareness on the importance of proper storage when not in direct control of their firearms. According to the CDC’s statistics we lose on average 3-4 kids per day to unsecured firearm accident inside of the home. KSF is working diligently to try to prevent this through proper education. Support from the secure storage industry is crucial to our success. We couldn’t do it without good partners like Vaultek.

When industry members step up to put back into the future of our society by giving to our youth, it really shows they care about their consumers and our fundamental rights. Vaultek has an impressive line of gun storage options and has taken the market by storm with solutions that resonate with the modern firearm owner. Whether someone is looking for a portable option or something to keep their firearm ready, but secure, at their bedside, Vaultek has solutions.


Vaultek is a Florida based company that has been around for 7 years. They have already established themselves to be an industry leader through their technology and innovations. Vaultek has thrust themselves to the forefront with their state of the art products when it comes to public safety, proper storage protects young children, prevents unauthorized access, and is a viable option to help prevent teen suicide.. We look forward to showcasing their products in all of our Kids Firearm Safety 1 classes. We are officially endorsing Vautek products and they will be the official safe of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. It is our mission to help shape the current culture of fellow responsible gun owners to encourage the importance of education and secure storage. This can be achieved without governmental intervention, just a shift in our mindset. We look forward to developing new social media campaigns to reinforce the importance of this topic because safety is an essential component to having a gun in the home.

It is the goal of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation to normalize the topic of kids firearm safety and secure storage, to present the information in a positive manner. This broad approach to safety is for ALL kids, not just the ones with firearms inside of their homes. It is sponsors like Vaultek team that are so important. Vaultek are heroes to the next generation. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®

The work that Kids S.A.F.E. is doing is commendable, as is the support being offered by Vaultek. Without proper stewardship of the shooting sports and firearm safety, the Second Amendment could meet a social demise. Keeping new generations educated and informed on the topic of firearms not only keeps our youth safe but will safeguard a large part of our American heritage. Be sure to check out both the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation and Vaultek at their respective web pages.


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