2A advocate Craig DeLuz announces candidacy for California’s 6th Congressional District

To say that the United States is at an interesting time in history would be an understatement. Some might say we’re ending an 80 year trend towards the “we” generation, peaking in 2023, and heading back towards a “me” generation. The concept of rugged individualism and libertarian ideals are still steadfastly being practiced in the country, however, everywhere we look, it seems as if the wheels are falling off. Change is something that many see fit for this country, and that’s no different for California small businessman, and my friend, Craig DeLuz. DeLuz announced earlier this year he’s decided to throw his hat in the race for House of Representatives, and he’s ramping up his campaign efforts.


With promise to create a bridge between the people of the greater Sacramento region and Washington D.C., small business owner Craig DeLuz announced today he is challenging incumbent, Congressman Ami Bera for the 6th Congressional District seat in November 2024.

“Congressman Bera and Washington elitists have failed the hard-working residents of this region,” DeLuz said. “We have an opportunity to bring the values of everyday Californians back to Washington.

“The job of a congressman is to deliver results back to his constituents,” DeLuz continued “If you look at the price of gasoline, food prices, housing, energy, water, and the ever-growing homeless crisis, Congressman Bera has been an absolute failure. I can and will be that leader to help deliver the money and services needed to address these critical issues. Now is the time for change.”

DeLuz is no stranger to politics, he served for 18 years on the Robla School District board, 10 of which he was president. He noted in an interview with my friends over at Gun Owners Radio, that he’s in an area that’s 60% Democratic and he has a track record of reaching across the aisle to work with the opposing party. The Republican says that when he walks into a room he has a big “R” on his chest – or maybe they’ve painted it on his back. Having been able to sustain more than half his time on the school board as the president shows the leadership skills that DeLuz has.


But why run for Congress? DeLuz talked about his decision:

I’ve been politically active for 30 years, mostly, as a volunteer. I’ve worked in the California State Legislature for a number of really good conservative members. And I gotta be honest, I’ve been looking at the way things have been going lately. And I decided I look at these in particular, look at the way things have been going at the federal level. I decide, You know what, it’s time for me to finally throw my hat in the ring and run for US Congress.

Besides his accolades as a local politician, former legislative staffer, media professional, policy analyst, and grassroots activist, DeLuz is a Second Amendment advocate and supporter through and through. DeLuz  is the host of the periodic show Morning Coffee With Craig, sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition, and is the co-host of The Rundown – both programs focusing on Second Amendment related issues. DeLuz also served as a legislative advocate for Firearms Policy Coalition, with focus on work in California,  Nevada, and Washington D.C.. In the interview, DeLuz discussed his opponent, the area he’s in, and what that means for the law abiding gun owner.

So it is the sixth congressional district, which is located in the northern Northeastern suburban part of Sacramento County. So it’s actually in Northern California. The seat is newly formed. The current member that’s in it is a gentleman named Ami Bera, clearly anti-Second Amendment, anti, well, let’s talk about what he’s for. He’s for big government. He’s for confiscating your firearms and taking away your Second Amendment Right. He’s for more taxes. He’s for socialized medicine. So for all of those reasons, I think he is wholly unqualified to be a representative of the federal government’s lower house…

You know, he’s not out there lambasting Republicans calling them…or talking about Ultra MAGA this, and Ultra MAGA that. He’s just kind of quietly voting for socialism. Quietly voting to take away our Second Amendment right. Quietly voting to expand the size and scope and control of the federal government.


The slow takeover of every institution in America is being felt by all clear thinking people. It’s high time that we put our civil rights above the progressive agenda and reclaim this country. I asked DeLuz about his Second Amendment support, which, he’s not just a single issue voter. When I talked to DeLuz about his perspective on this, he had some sage words concerning his philosophy.

To be honest, for me it’s not just about gun rights. It’s about civil rights. And the right to keep and bear arms is the one civil right that defends all others.

DeLuz’s sprint for Capitol Hill is a commendable effort. Having strong Second Amendment supporters in Congress is important for safeguarding our rights. When it comes to such policies, it’s not just saying one supports gun rights that matters, it’s putting one’s money where their mouth is. DeLuz unapologetically wears his support on his sleeve and would be a formidable guardian of America’s most important freedom. That freedom, DeLuz highlighted in his parting comments, “This is a fight for our civil rights. We gotta use them or we’re gonna lose them.”

For more information about DeLuz and his candidacy, visit hs web page at: https://www.craigdeluz.com/ 

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