Who's the liberty-hating mind behind Massachusetts' "Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act"?

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If you asked me last year “Who is Michael Day?” I would not have been able to answer you. Well, today, the name Michael Day is branded in my mind, and it needs to be in the minds of Second Amendment supporters across the nation. I previously reported a bit on the so-called “listening tour” that the Massachusetts State Representative hosted over this last year. Day, also the Judiciary Joint Committee House Chair, was tasked with doing a top-down overhaul of the Bay State’s gun laws and he sure did step in it.


I’ve been rather mum since my last reporting, while Cam has covered this topic several times, inviting Jim Wallace, the Executive Director of Gun Owners’ Action League to be a guest on his show. As revealed by Wallace in multiple interviews, Day has become no friend of the Second Amendment, and in my opinion has sold away our rights to the commie mommies and to Giffords.

Michael Day is an attorney from Massachusetts. He first entered into office in 2015, serving as the Representative for the 31st District and is aligned with the Democratic party. According to Day’s campaign page, he fancies himself an “advocate” for the people.

Michael became a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2015 and has distinguished himself as an effective advocate for his district and on a host of issues including civil rights, mental health and substance use, climate change, educational opportunities and economic development.  In this legislative session Michael won appointments to four powerful committees…

It’s difficult to take Day seriously on his alleged advocacy work for civil rights. After the half year’s long listening tour, Day introduced not a “carry killer” bill, but rather a Second Amendment-killing bill. While several states have lashed out with so-called Bruen response bills, Day’s bill is over 140 pages of liberty squishing gibberish. In addition to outlawing carry in most of the state by creating new sensitive location definitions, there would be storage mandates that would make the carriage of firearms into and through the state impossible – stopping the commerce of arms, the institution of live fire training be added in order to get a firearm, and among many other things, would outlaw the ability for youth to receive any education and training on firearms.


Colloquially being called the Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act by GOAL, Day’s bill, HD.4420, is a train wreck. GOAL has an entire information page dedicated to this abomination HERE. In multiple interviews, Wallace, from GOAL, has said there’s no way to reconcile the bill, and it needs to be completely scrapped.

What’s really awful is all the time that Day wasted of Second Amendment supporters while they trekked all around the state to participate in the listening tour which ended up to be his own little dog and pony show. Day pretty much had this bill all ready to go.

I had several people reporting to me about the listening tour, and nothing of what ended up in the bill was discussed by the citizens. The only talking point that did – interestingly enough – end up in the bill, was the commie mommies demanding live fire training in order to exercise the right of simple ownership of a handgun, nevermind carrying one. Somehow that made it into the bill, along with piles of other restrictions. Any “bones” Day tried to toss gun owners are just insulting considering everything else he’s proposed.

After severe pushback from the citizens, a closed door meeting was held concerning the bill, and there has yet to be any public hearings. What I gather, the closed door meetings might be because Day is actually clueless on his bill and this is a total embarrassment. From what I’ve been told by a source, Day really does not know what’s in it because he acted shocked when constituents approached him about the contents, muttering things like, “That’s not what the bill is for,” while the plain text basically outlaws the exercise of a civil right – you know, those rights Day allegedly champions.


Subsequent to the closed door meeting, the House Speaker moved to have the bill shelved during the summer recess. This shelving is a victory, small, and probably only temporary, but is indicative that people are getting through to their representatives and to Day. I even received word that a patriot who we’ll call “the Bay State King of Glocks” got Day’s people so infuriated over their trolling of the representative that they called them up on the phone to request them to stop. I hope he does not. One of the sayings we used to parrot at my alma mater, which is my original connection to Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, was, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Day made his bed and freedom lovers are going to help tuck him in.

Was it some of Day’s friends from the commie mommies or Giffords that fed him the bill – he did look awfully chummy with them in my former reporting on the subject? Is whatever money or orders he’s receiving from someone pulling the strings worth the selling away of the Second Amendment in the state where the shot heard around the world was fired? Ironically the Revolutionary war was ignited in part when an oppressive government saw to disarm the citizens. Whatever Day’s motivations are or were, he’s shown his true colors as a traitor to the law abiding people in the United States and must be related to King George III somehow.

Michael Day is up for reelection next year. In the past two elections, he ran against independents who were only able to glom votes in the upper 20 percentiles. When he ran against a Republican, his opponent had more support, but Day has consistently gained votes in his district, landing in the 70 percentiles of votes received in the last two elections.


Whoever runs against Michael Day in the 2024 election, Americans across the country need to support them. Day’s assaults on the people of Massachusetts and the Second Amendment in the Bay State is not just a regional assault. It’s an assault against every single freedom loving American in the nation. The politically minded in Massachusetts need to start planning now, get a plan, and mobilize against Michael Day.

Day’s bill, HD.4420, is a complete and total throw-back to Jim Crow America and is reminiscent of how southern states reacted to Brown v. Board of Education. The bill, by nature is anti-civil liberty, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-women, and in addition to affecting every marginalized community, it’s down right anti-American. If Day’s policies are those things, why shouldn’t we believe that he too is a bigoted hate monger who is complicit with leaving women, gays, Blacks, and any other marginalized citizen vulnerable to not being able to self-defend?

The fact of the matter is Michael Day lied to every single proponent of the Second Amendment that talked to him before, during, and after the gun law listening tour. He looked advocates in the eyes and led them to believe he was actually listening. He was not and clearly he’s a shill for the anti-civil liberty crowd.

Back in April, I called this move. I was off by six months:

Massachusetts and jurisdictions within really have jumped the shark when it comes to infringements. I hope I’m wrong, but my speculation is in 2024 we’ll be seeing a ton of bills introduced similar to the carry-killer law in New Jersey and the Concealed Carry Improvement Act in New York. With the legislature soundly entrenched as severe pinko level, and a gun-hating hoplophobic governor, the second half of the legislative session might be chock-full of infringing legislation. Further, there has been a series of so-called “Gun Law Listening Tours, which I believe will be used to say next year, “we listened to the people and here are the laws we think we need to introduce.”



In preparation of this opinion piece, I did reach out to Michael Day’s office and his legislative aide. I wanted to give Day a fair shake and allow him to speak for his actions now that he’s opened Pandora’s box. My correspondence was as follows:

RE: Firearm Listening Tour
John Petrolino – “The Pen Patriot”
Quinn, Talia (HOU) <[email protected]>
Day, Michael – Rep. (HOU) <[email protected]>

Attention Ms. Quinn/Rep Day,

I’m going to be writing a follow up piece concerning the alleged “listening” tour and the Rep’s introduction of the worst bill regulating firearms in this country’s history. I cover a lot of 2A news and this bill is disgusting, so needless-to-say, I’m not about to be overly kind in my coverage on this.

That being said – if Rep Day has a comment he’d like me to include, I’ll happily quote him concerning this civil liberty squishing bill. Or an excuse or – or, an admission that he did not even read, never mind write, the bill and that it needs to be withdrawn. I’ll happily include whatever comments there might be.

Unlike the last listening tour change of time that went out hours before the stop was supposed to happen, I’m giving you 18 hours notice that I am going to be putting copy out. That’s probably about 10 times more the amount of time you gave residents of the Bay State notice of the last stop’s time change.

Warmest Regards,
John Petrolino

Day and his office failed to respond.

With the recess started and the legislature, Day included, feeling off the hook for this for now, it’s even more important that gun owners in Massachusetts and across the country keep the pressure on! If you’re a Massachusetts resident, be sure to reach out to your state representatives and express your thoughts on the legislation. Remember to be polite.


Regardless of where you live, letting Representative Michael Day and his legislative aide know your thoughts is important, as he has attacked the very fiber of the most important Amendment in the Bill of Rights. 

Michael Day can be reached at:

[email protected] and [email protected]
Email to Day’s legislative aide: Talia Quinn [email protected] (be nice, Ms. Quinn is collateral damage to Day’s treasonous actions)

If you’re feeling real bucky, sending Day some letters and or post cards, letting him know you’re thinking about him while he’s on summer break, I’m sure would be appreciated:

Representative Michael Day
State House
24 Beacon St.
Room 136, Boston, MA, 02133

Given what I was told about Day’s office’s reaction to online trolling – I mean, er commentary, and communications on social media, here you can find his accounts to express your feelings directly to him in a public way:

Representative Michael Day (@representative_day) • Instagram photos and videos
Representative Michael Day (twitter.com)
State Representative Michael Day | Facebook

Do take some time to stop in and show the Gun Owners’ Action League some love and support. The state organization is tackling this affront to liberty head on and they could use all the help they can get! These freedom squishing-policies tend to migrate, so let’s stop it where it is now!

For more information about Michael Day’s modern day take on Democrats’ Massive Resistance to civil rights, visit GOAL’s page dedicated to it HERE. Also tune into the latest two GOAL Podcast episodes covering the measure in greater detail:

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