Impending Buckeye State special election could have big impact on 2A rights

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Whenever I’m chatting with someone that keeps themselves politically disconnected and they talk about something in the “system” they don’t like, I remind them that elections have consequences. It’s an easy thing to do in New Jersey, especially how expensive everything got across the country, nevermind the special branding of craziness that the Garden State brings to the toppling of the economy, removal of civil liberties, and further dissolution rights as parents.  Our friends over at the Buckeye Firearms Association have been raising the alarm about Issue #1, and making sure people understand and support it. Why? Because elections have consequences.


Issue #1 was drafted to make it harder to change Ohio’s constitution. As it stands now, the Constitution of Ohio can be changed using a simple majority vote and those behind Issue #1 want to see that changed to a 60% majority vote. Keep in mind that a 60% majority vote is still less than the 2/3rds needed to get past a filibuster in the U.S. Senate.

A recent email from the Executive Director, Dean Rieck, acts as a last minute alert to make sure people are engaged on the issue, and if they have yet to vote, to ensure they do so on August 8th.

Yeah, I know. You’re probably tired of hearing about the special August 8 election.

But given its potential impact on gun rights in Ohio, BFA is all-in on getting out the vote in favor of Issue 1.

Despite the fact that opponents are vastly outspending us, with 70% of donations coming from D.C. and California, some recent polling shows voters may be pretty evenly divided. So we’re doing all we can to tip the balance and get gun owners to VOTE YES!

In fact, you may have received an email from us yesterday asking for support for a mailer we’re sending to thousands of Ohioans. We normally don’t do mail, but we’re pulling out all the stops.

If you’re able to give us some financial support on this, please make an online donation here.

If you haven’t already voted, mark your calendar for August 8 to get out and vote. Or vote early at your county board of elections.

And if you’re still not sure about Issue 1, scroll down to see our detailed information below.

Yours for Liberty,
Dean Rieck
Executive Director


Rieck assembled a great list of articles to check out concerning the issue which I’ll include below. But looking over the most salient reasons to support Issue #1, hands down, not supporting the measure could cost Ohioans greatly when it comes to their Second Amendment rights.

We’ve been telling you Issue 1 is about many issues, including protecting gun rights. And here’s proof.

Cleveland Mayor Justin M. Bibb admitted that if Issue 1 fails and Ohio’s constitution continues to be easy to amend, they could use a constitutional ballot initiative to come after your guns.

Here’s his exact quote from a recent news conference:

We can use our real political power to change the culture of guns in this state. It starts by voting no on Issue 1, by the way, to make sure we can maybe put a ballot measure on our state constitution to have common-sense gun reform.

The anti-civil liberty pinkos of Ohio want to see the people stripped from their rights. This element alone illustrates why an issue like this one needs to have the weight of the people put behind it. When it comes to important issues like a constitution of a state, the tyranny of the majority can create lasting irreparable damage, while the so-called tyranny of the minority really causes things to move at a slower – read thoughtful – pace. If you reside in Ohio, remember to get out and vote.

If you’re interested in getting more specific information on Issue #1, here’s Rieck’s list of recommended reading on the topic:


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