‘Gun podcasts’ and where they rank holistically 

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Recently I came upon a piece highlighting the top “20 Best Gun Rights Podcasts.” Cruising the list I saw many familiar names, shows, and colleagues. I was happy to see that friend, attorney Evan Nappen’s Gun Lawyer podcast was rated as #1 on this list. While the actual aggregate of data used to classify these shows in this order was noted to be based on, “The best Gun Rights podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers & freshness,” the list reminds me of something that’s bigger than this one list’s opinion. Where do some of our favorite podcasts rank holistically?


Congratulations to Nappen and all the other Second Amendment news folk that made the list. While the title touts the 20 “best” of the gun rights podcasts out there, they actually only list 18, leaving the rest of their listings locked for those who’ll email in for the rest of the list. What was interesting was that podcasts that I know of that have a huge following were not listed, and looking into ratings over at ListenNotes.com, some shows ranked differently than this list.

The top podcasts that people are listening to, not specifically gun related, include shows such as Crime Junkies and the Joe Rogan Experience. According to LisetnNotes.com, they are both in the following global ranking of top .01% of all podcasts. Those are the two most well known, famous, and have the biggest followings of all the podcasts out there.

Nappen’s Gun Lawyer ranks in the top 1.5%. To me, that’s stunningly impressive for a show about gun law and has a high focus on New Jersey’s gun laws specifically. While Nappen covers all kinds of gun and arms related topics, it’s Earth shattering to me that something so idiosyncratic as his work is in the upper crust of all the content delivered globally! Let that sink in. Is 1.5% a Joe Rogan or Crime Junkie number? No, but considering all the content that’s out there, bravo Nappen.

How’s that relevant to the rest of the content on the list? In order by how ListenNotes.com ranks the shows on the list of top percentages,  we’ll go through them. 10 of the shows listed had no rank on ListenNotes.com and were excluded from the list. I added some shows as a substitute to those excluded, which I know to be high ranking and they are marked with an * . We have the following shows and ranks:


That’s a full 20 gun related podcasts. Many of these shows I’ve listened to or listen to regularly. There’s a few that I’ve never heard of, and of the 10 from the excluded list, several I’ve never heard of. But all in all, there’s a good deal of well known gun shows and It’s a point of pride that Second Amendment related content ranks as highly as it does, with half of the shows listed here ranking in the top 2.5%, with Gun Talk and Armed American Radio at half a percent each, tied for first.

Is this an anomaly that niche content could be ranked as highly as it is when compared globally to all the other content out there? Even existing at the upper 10% of all podcasts, in my opinion, is winning bigly. Or, more appropriately perhaps, is Second Amendment related content in such high demand that this is where we turn to? Nearly every corner of media splashes severe censorship on “gun stuff,” and luckily the realm of podcasting seems to be unmolested.


Regardless of the mechanics behind the ratings and why we’re seeing such great performance out of gun stuff, all the creators, radio hosts, and podcast hosts listed should be commended. I can attest to the fact that many of the people involved in these shows are a cut above and seriously doing great things in Second Amendment media. Check ’em out in your podcast app and find out.

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