Governor Murphy's hubris on display as New Jersey sees epic amounts of high profile crime

Governor Murphy's hubris on display as New Jersey sees epic amounts of high profile crime
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Covering crime and violence in the Garden State is usually like shooting fish in a barrel. That being said, it’s all too hard to ignore the influx of violent criminal activity that’s being reported on through the local Patch recently. All of these cases can be chalked up to “just another crime in New Jersey,” however it’s still important to reflect on them in the right context. Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has no love for law-abiding gun owners, and has done everything he possibly could to throw roadblocks up in front of those who wish to exercise their civil liberties. How’s Murphy’s policies helping out the problem of criminal elements? Spoiler – they’re not.


A couple of weeks ago, there were big pushes in New Jersey seeking leeds on a two-year-old rape case. The rape occurred in a New Jersey county park. That county happens to be Monmouth, where Murphy himself resides in the nearbt township of Middletown.

The investigation determined that the female victim was running in the area, training for a marathon, when she noticed a male stretching nearby.

It was further revealed that the man physically attacked the victim, causing her to fall to the ground, and brandished a box cutter-style knife, which he used to cause minor injuries to her arms.

The man then allegedly exposed himself and sexually assaulted the woman. He fled in an unknown direction.

Considering that Governor Phil Murphy signed a law in December 2022 that outlawed the carry of a firearm in any and all town, county, and state parks, he’s pretty much committed to seeing more attacks like this occur. The law did suffer two TROs and a preliminary injunction, stopping the enforcement of the law, however, a stay at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals allowed for the law affecting parks to stand for now. It’s not a foregone conclusion that the rape victim would not have been attacked and or raped had she been armed, she did not have that option then, and she does not now – thanks to Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey’s corrupt legislature.

In quick succession the past two days there’s been a flurry of activity that proliferates under Murphy’s mismanagement. The fact is that with the carry laws in the state in a constant status of flux, as well as there being no clear guidance from the N.J. State Police and Attorney General Platkin’s office, many don’t know about their options when it comes to carrying.


Here are some real gems that hit my inbox:

Another Bear Spray Attack? BurlCo Restaurant Robbery Probed: Police | Moorestown, NJ Patch

A lone male suspect, wearing a gas mask, entered Mikado Japanese Sushi & Steak House (793 E Route 70) at 10:21 p.m. — after closing time — officials said. The individual sprayed a chemical irritant at an employee, bound her hands and feet, and duct taped her mouth, according to the Evesham Police Department.

The suspect then stole an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register and fled in an unknown direction, authorities said. The victim remained constrained until a coworker found her. She was treated at Virtua Hospital and released.

Evesham police aren’t sure whether the suspect used pepper spray or bear spray. A similar attack occurred days earlier in Medford.

Man Accused Of Rape, Strangulation Of Woman In Franklin Township | Hillsborough, NJ Patch

On Monday, Sept. 11, at around 5 a.m., an adult woman reported to Franklin Township Police that she was sexually assaulted by Espinal-Brito, who is known to her, said Somerset County Prosecutor John P. McDonald, Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of County Detectives Francisco Roman Jr., and Franklin Township Public Safety Director Quovella M. Maeweather.

The woman said she was sexually assaulted and physically assaulted by Espinal-Brito in the early morning hours of Sept. 11.

Mateo Espinal-Brito was placed under arrest at the Franklin Township Police Department without incident following an investigation by the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit and detectives from the Franklin Township Police Department.


Stabbing Suspect Captured At Jersey Shore: Police | Ocean City, NJ Patch

Police had been searching for Terrance Dore, 43, since the crime on Sept. 10. He was found in Atlantic City on Sept. 24 at about 4 p.m. where local police took him into custody without any incident, police said.

On Sept. 10 just before 9 p.m., police responded to a residence at 100 West Poplar Ave. for reports of a stabbing victim.

Police and members of the fire department found the woman who had been stabbed about two blocks away with multiple stab wounds on her upper body, police said.

Attempted-Murder Convict Escapes State Custody In NJ: Police | Moorestown, NJ Patch

A man convicted of attempted murder escaped state custody, according to Mount Laurel police said Tuesday.

Edward Berbon had been in state custody since 2004. Assigned to a halfway house, Berbon was on a work detail in Mount Laurel during his escape, authorities said.

If that’s not enough of a bombardment of violent criminal activity coming from the local Patch, I don’t know what is. In all of these situations, being an armed victim or potential victim would tip the scales and equalize force. The thought of being armed never comes out of the progressive corners as a viable option for self-defense. Quite actually, not advocating for the arming of law-abiding citizens is anti-women’s rights, in addition to a whole host of other things.

Murphy does not care about the rape victims. This brings us to one last case where you can decide how you feel about it.

3 Men Accused In Marlboro Rape To Plead Guilty To Criminal Restraint | Freehold, NJ Patch


Three men charged with sexual assault of a woman restrained in a bedroom in one man’s Marlboro home will each plead guilty to lesser charges of criminal restraint, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed.

Andrew J. Gallucci of Marlboro, Richard S. Gathy of Manalapan, and Ronald W. Hondo of Monroe Township have each pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal restraint, county prosecutor’s office spokesman Mark Spivey said Tuesday.

“This was a disturbingly coordinated and predatory attack,” then-Acting Prosecutor Lori Linskey said. “We commend the courage of the victim in coming forward to report what happened to her, and we look forward to bringing those responsible to justice.”

The then-Acting Prosecutor, Lori Linskey, also Monmouth County, is emblematic of the problems we’re facing, in particular victims of sexual assaults and rape. Linskey goes on to talk about how brave and responsible it was for the victim to come forward, but what, the perpetrators were allowed to plead to a lesser crime? Doesn’t this undercut the disturbing criminal attack that was directed at a woman, completely diminishing her own harrowing experience? We don’t hear Linskey advocating for women to get trained and armed, do we? Where’s the justice Linskey is advocating for?

The narrative in New Jersey is just disgusting. Holding up the rhetoric from the progressive talking heads and comparing it to these gross acts is just disturbing. Clearly the policies not only don’t help the situation in New Jersey, they enable it. The Democratic party in New Jersey needs to come to terms with the issue of arms and them being a viable option for people to not be victims of crime. Governor Murphy, he’s guarded 24-7 by armed guards who he has alleged in the past are guarding him because they want to, can go pound sand. It’s easy to wipe away everyone else’s civil liberties when you yourself live in an ivory tower. Reform is something we do need in the state, but not in the twisted way Murphy and his misguided ilk want.


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