Is Assemblyman Joe Danielsen the biggest political hack in New Jersey?

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If you’ve read Bearing Arms with any regularity over the last year, you’re more than aware that New Jersey had a hissy fit over the outcome of NYSRPA v. Bruen. To be fair, it’s not just New Jersey, it’s really the Washington D.C. elites pushing for and promising – allegedly – to award the first state/politician who’s able find a work-around the landmark decision. This is not a high bar for New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy to reach for because he’s shown nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment since he’s been in office. The carpetbagger from Massachusetts campaigned on an authoritarian anti-civil liberty platform. But what about Assemblyman Joe Danielsen?


Assemblyman Joe Danielsen was the jabroni that New Jersey Democrats tapped to introduce the so-called “carry-killer” bill, a “Bruen response bill,” in the legislature. The Assemblyman who previously pointed out failures in proposed rights limiting gun control measures, also an avid hunter, was sent as some sort of credible messenger to carry water for the deep state.

There’s no way in hell Danielsen authored the bill.

It’s hard to tell if there’s money involved or what the mechanics were that caused Danielsen to roll out the bill that effectively killed carry in N.J. Was Danielsen offered political favors? Was he offered fame? Was he blackmailed? We don’t know, but I can almost guarantee that he did not just wake up and think this was a good idea all on his own. He was pushed to do so. Did this have to do with government contracts he may or may not have with his company? Guess as we may, but up until last year, Danielsen seemed like the type of guy I wouldn’t mind having a coffee and cigar with.

Unfortunately for Danielsen, no sense of comradery will ever come to him from the gun owning community in the Garden State. He cast his die. The patriots in New Jersey have also overwhelmingly made this clear to the disgraced politician.

Since ushering in the bigoted legislation that became law, and having several less than becoming performances from the Assemblyman during hearings, Danielsen has been moved to change his social media settings. Is it Danielsen himself or someone that handles his socials? We don’t know. But long ago he shut off comments on his facebook page. If someone handles his page, do read to him every comment that’s posted – he deserves to know what the people think. In fact, he owes it to us.


The spineless hack decided to not only trample on Garden Stater’s Second Amendment rights, but also their First. He did what he did. As a public figure he is deserving of any and all criticism he’s going to get. Criticism was evident, as nearly every single post – excluding ones involving the good work our dullard does with kids – got trolled by rightfully angry Second Amendment supporters.

The people of New Jersey decided to petition one of their so-called leaders, and that leader decided to shut down a public forum to do so. 

The Assemblyman did not listen to the testimony of the People when they went to Trenton. The Assemblyman ignored the testimony sheets, where the number against his bill outweighed those for it by tenfold. Danielsen ignored the countless amounts of correspondence he received. And now he has silenced one of the only public forums that remains in order for the People to air their grievances against him.

Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, you made your bed sir! Now be a man and own it. Let the comments be posted. This is your scarlet letter.

Danielsen actually got obsessed with the level of discontent that the People had for him. I was given information that he was trying to join closed social media groups, actually the most popular one in New Jersey for one, as if he was going to be accepted into the fold. The admins quickly shot that down. Was Danielsen trying to get more information on what all people were saying about him? Who knows, but I can tell ya Joey boy, it hasn’t been nice.


I also have been told by reliable sources that Danielsen has tuned into many of the different forms of media out there that covers the Second Amendment in the Garden State. For what purpose? Certainly not to get the perspective of the gun owning community. He really messed that up with his legislation.

The tipping point for me to call New Jersey’s second biggest jackass in politics out on his anti-First Amendment policy was Danielsen recently changing his social media background picture. It wasn’t that he changed it, it’s that he changed it to the Israeli flag.

Joe Danielsen is a political hack. This fact was not lost on many of the people whom he scorned. Danielsen’s posts might have comments turned off, but not his pictures. Every so often something will slide past the 1984 goalie and New Jersey patriots are always ready to let him have it – which was evidenced by the many comments that cropped up within hours of the change.

Some of the best comments I read on Danielsen’s Israeli flag picture include:

  • Hypocrisy is your middle name isn’t it. You stand for nothing.
  • You don’t even protect our freedom! I’m pretty sure you are not concerned about theirs.
  • Pandering – Verb 1. Present participle of pander.
  • Unfortunately those Israeli citizens had no way to defend themselves against the attack because their government wouldn’t allow them to have firearms. Prayers to all the victims and their families. 🙏🙏🙏
  • Many were slaughtered because the government took away the ability for them to defend themselves. This is why we have the second amendment……shall not be infringed.
  • All of America is at risk. Self protection is up to us. The second amendment is extremely important. Protect you and your family. Renounce your stance Joe. The government can’t protect us. May God Bless America!
  • You do realize Israel is encouraging its citizens to arm themselves to best fend off Hamas, right? That very concept goes counter to your policies here in New Jersey, where you want the law abiding citizens to be actively disarmed…
  • Funny how the 2A becomes relevant in times like this.
  • You have the capacity to renounce your support of your bill which became the states gun prohibitions. It was a grievous error, but you can change it. You can intro a bill to scrap the changes and revert to the old law which was the “toughest in the nation” at the time.
  • You dare to pretend you support those victims of senseless violence and terrorism while being WHOLLY responsible for introducing the act signed into law that would leave OUR citizens just as defenseless. As a Jewish man myself, your superficial “support” sickens me. Your ONLY concern is political optics and agenda. You are a disgrace.

And then there were my comments. I weighed in, “The irony of this is not lost on me. You, a proponent of disarming his own citizens, has the audacity to do this? You virtue signaling deep state pinko!” But honestly, that was not enough for me. Maybe I’m immature or maybe I really believe what I’m saying over and over again about civil liberties – shocking, right? I decided to share his post with my own comment for my readers to read:

Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, a raging hypocritical pinko, had the audacity to make the Israeli flag his background. This man was/is a stooge for the deep state far left – from the DC elite and Governor Phil Murphy’s camp – to subvert the civil liberties of New Jersey citizens. Danielsen is a proponent of disarmament and he should probably sit this one out.

I will teach my children and my children’s children about Joe Danielsen and how he’s disgraced the U.S. Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and his oath of office. There will probably be books written about Danielsen and not of the “good” he’s done, but how he’s a total and complete sellout for political gain!

I don’t know how you sleep at night, Assemblyman, but you’re certainly not liked – never mind loved – by the community you asserted to be a member of. You’re no better than Governor Wallace!

As it stands, Danielsen has made the top ten worst politicians in New Jersey’s history list. And Joey, if you’re reading this, listen – open invitation, any time, let’s get together. Some coffee and cigars. I’d love to chat with you, off or on the record. I sincerely mean that. And if you ever want your sad and pathetic story told, I’ll tell it for you. But, right now, as it stands, you’re a complete disgrace and will go down in history as such. The least you can do is be a man and turn back on your comments, you lying dog-faced pony soldier.


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