Queen Karen Shannon Watts Gone Rogue on Virtue Signaling. Teachable Moment Probably Lost.

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We know the virtue signal is strong with the progressive anti-liberty crowd. Queen Karen, Shannon Watts, is no stranger to being in the spotlight or getting her signal on. The founder of Moms Demand Action, perhaps once altruistic and pragmatic, quickly turned into a puppet for a rich man. Watts, who’s no longer affiliated with the group – potentially for political aspirations? – could and can demand as much action as she wants, but in the end, she turned into a doing the bidding of Bid Daddy Bloomberg. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. The entire organization is made up of people eager to hop to Bloomberg’s orders in exchange for some of his billions.


To set the stage, I don’t have a horse in this race, nor do I care what Watts and her family do in their personal lives. Watts’ having a child that allegedly identifies as “nonbinary” and Watts referring to them as “kid,” in order to appease the pronoun gods, affects no one facially. God bless you on your endeavors to achieve happiness and feel grounded in identity.

I realize paying Watts such courtesies is beyond being gracious. The way Watts deals with detractors and those she disagrees with is by blocking them on social media. Forget civil discourse. Moreover, the lashing out and signaling is blinding. This is not a libertarian person, so what else should we expect? Tyrants gonna tyrant on.

The post(s) on X dealt with her “26-year-old kid” and travel issues. Watts opened herself up, and her kid, unfortunate for them, for scrutiny. In Watts’ quest to be the most righteous, pious, and mightiest of the Karens, she’s removed herself from reality.

Today my 26-year-old kid was removed from a Southwest flight after accidentally bringing a beer in a plastic cup on a @southwest flight. My kid misunderstood a bartender who told them they could take the beer to the gate, thinking they could also take it on the plane…

As soon as the flight attendant informed my kid that they couldn’t bring beer on the plane, they apologized and gave it to the attendant to throw away. My kid explained that they thought the bartender said they could board with the beer. Shortly afterward, security showed up.

When I called @Southwestair to understand why my kid had been removed and rebooked four hours later in the lowest ticket class, they said it was because my kid had “lied” about being told they could bring their beer on board.

Since when are people pulled off of a flight for allegedly “lying” about a mistake?

And yes I realize a 26-year-old isn’t a kid – mine is nonbinary so that’s how I refer to them….


First off, I feel bad for Watts’ kid. This is a whole different level of helicopter parenting. Bravo in broadcasting your kid’s personal business all over the internet. Further, in broadcasting that business, you made both your kid and yourself look like complete fools. I’m sure your kid appreciates everything you do for them.

There’s just far too much to unpack in this small series of posts. It appears that Watts’ family member got tripped up, unknowingly, by some regulation – on accident. Man, that stuff happens. Right? Bummer.

A lot of the policies and laws that Watts pushes for end up causing the same for law-abiding gun owners. How many victims of gun laws have we seen and continue to see in this country? People unknowingly break some small stupid law and run into much bigger problems than being taken off a flight. The eight states that adopted “shall issue” after SCOTUS said they have to are perfect breeding grounds for ruined lives. Draconian laws people were unaware of have tripped up far too many good people. How many Shaneen Allens do we need to report on to prove this point?

The difference between the laws that Watts supports, aside from being unconstitutional and ineffective, breaking them leads to harsh felony penalties. Watts’ kid just had their day ruined and – boo effing hoo – was “rebooked four hours later in the lowest ticket class.” I hope Watts took that as a teachable moment for her “kid” to be instructed on how most of us “lowest ticket class” persons travel. Maybe Watts can come down from the clouds from time to time to see what us non-gentry have to deal with.


Watts’ attempts to vent or go on a crusade over a small mistake that created an issue really is tone-deaf. Tagging the airline is a cherry on top, as if her clout was going to help her in some manner – other than looking like a fool. My guess is Watts figured out she screwed up, otherwise, she would not have deleted the post. No one is going to be holding up empty beer cups saying, “We fly with Kid!”

Not that I find any of Watts’ messaging spot on, because none of it is, but at least most of it has been semi-focused. I suggest Watts immediately find a new benefactor to tell her how to think and what to do. It does not have to be a man, it just happens that the woman demanding action was being controlled by a man in the past. Find yourself a solid Alpha female to guide you and demand action under a new handler. Whatever force you need to tell you what to do, find it and sign up before you make yourself look even more foolish than you already have. At least do it for Kid.

Watts and her X post is simply hypocrisy of the elite on display at its finest. The campaign here should probably be that we now push for “federal regulation” – FAA non-laws – that’ll allow people to bring their alcohol bought off the plane onto the plane. Or an education campaign to teach people about the ills of accidentally bringing beer on a plane, risking having to fly with the rest of the substandard humans in low-class seating? Implement beer stop and frisks, so things like this will #neveragain happen?

The finer points of this will be completely lost on Watts. Things like liberty, freedom, and what happens when there’s a victimless crime or the uselessness of mala prohibita laws are completely alien to the likes of Watts. Advocating for ineffectual policy is not helpful and Watts will never see that. 


So Karen on, demanding mommy in need of action! Something must be done! #justiceforkid #nowboardinggroup9 #kickingitwiththeunwashed #slummingingroupC

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