Product Review: Bollé Platinum Safety Glasses

Having a good pair of safety glasses is important for all your shooting and hunting needs. There are so many different types out there, it can be intimidating. While regular plain sunglasses may do the trick to protect your peepers when doing a bit of the ole pew pew, that’s not a foregone conclusion. This is why I try to lean on brands that I know and trust, and or ones that have appropriate certifications. The Bollé Platinum line of anti-fog safety eyewear comes with a good reputation of being high quality, having stylish designs, and are certified as impact resistant. I had the chance to take some Tryon safety sunglasses and Sentinel tinted safety glasses for a test drive and I was impressed.


I’ve been a safety glasses nut for decades. Long before I entered into occupational settings, I embraced the importance of having quality eyewear for shooting and hunting. Safety glasses are just a standard part of everyday life for me.

One of the things that I look for before even considering a set of glasses is how are they rated? We can go down a rabbit hole on the impact resistance of glasses. The standard I usually look for is Z87+. These are defined by ANSI and recognized across different industries. 

The Platinum line of glasses advertises the following:

+ Our exclusive PLATINUM Anti-fog and Anti-scratch technology

+ ANSI Z87.1 protection

+ Ballistic standard MIL-PRF 32432A (on most models)

+ Optical clarity and impact resistant

+ Competitive pricing that is untouchable. MSRP starts at $19.99

Knowing that out of the box the glasses meet impact resistance standards is something that I appreciate. Both the Tryon and Sentinel models are comfortable and sharp looking. Comfort is key when selecting glasses, otherwise we’d be less likely to wear them.

The Tryon model I tried out were tinted as sunglasses. Giving them a solid field test was easy, I just substituted them for my normal everyday sunglasses. The Tryons are lightweight and the lens coverage is inclusive, but not too overbearing. I did not feel like I was wearing a pair of safety glasses, and above that, I did not feel like I was wearing a cheap pair of safety glasses.


The Tryons come in different configurations. Lens options include:

For the Sentinel glasses, I went with a copper tint. I wanted a subtle hue to work as an in-between amber/yellow glasses and sunglasses. I selected these primarily for clay shooting in a slight overcast, but also something that could be worn indoors too. For field testing I took to the trap field to give them a go. Like the Tryons, the Sentinels were lightweight, comfortable, and I did not feel like a bug in them – you know what I mean. I can’t say they upped my game any, but they did not hurt it!

The Sentinels come in different configurations. Lens options include:

The copper flash finish was the right hue for me for autumn days of shooting clays and that’s what I ended up going with.

The Sentinel glasses came with both a microfiber cloth bag and a sturdy case. The Tryons came just with a microfiber bag. Sentinel is seeming to be a slight cut above than the Tryons, but both are comparable.

I like that both lines offer polarized versions of the glasses. That’s a plus for those of you who might end up using them on or by water. And, the fact that when wearing them, I really did not feel them, is a big plus. There’s comfort through the lens as well as the frame mating with one’s face.


The lens quality on both glasses did maintain and if anything enhance visual acuity. These are the types of glasses that’ll make you say, “Wow, that’s crisp!” when you put them on.

At the time of writing, several models were on sale with discounts up to 30%. As always, that’s subject to change, but this is not a bad time to check them out. Considering the season, these would not be bad to toss under the tree or put in a stocking.

Pluses: Z87+ rated. Lightweight. Comfortable. Good looking. Won’t make you feel like a bug. Plenty of options for lens configurations. Not very expensive/middle of the road on the price.

Minuses: There only seemed to be polarization on smoke lenses. While I just said the price was not too bad, there are Z87+ glasses that’ll get the job done for less. Not a very robust warranty.

Overall, Bollé sold me. Both sets went far enough for my needs for safety eyewear and then some. Would I buy these? Yes. If I were in the market for some new safety eyewear, I’d consider them. I’m very frugal, so I’d keep my eyes peeled for when they’re on sale and or shop around. Would I recommend these to a friend, family member or student? Yes. I can recommend these along with the stipulation that, like all things, you shop around for what will work best for you.


The Bollé line of ballistic tactical glasses can be viewed HERE.


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