Activists Kerrie Ann Auclair and Yehuda Remer Elected to Board of 2A Organization

(AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

It’s not everyday that you have an opportunity to lay down some bragging rights about two of your friends in one piece. When I heard the news the other day that two staunch Second Amendment supporters and activists were elected to the board of a gun rights organization, I was happy for both of them. Kerrie Ann Auclair and Yehuda Remer were recently elected to serve on the board of the Second Amendment Institute.


Yehuda Remer, also known professionally as “The Pew Pew Jew,” is not only an ardent supporter and activist, but also an author. Remer has a whole slew of books which revolve around the Second Amendment and civil liberties. His nickname, Remer says, came from some of his non-jewish friends and has become something he’s embraced.

The Pew Pew Jew began as a fun moniker that was given to Yehuda Remer, an orthodox Jew, by some of his non-Jewish friends in the gun industry as he was chronicling his journey into the business. Beginning with his book “Safety On: An introduction to the world of firearms for children,” Yehuda was thrust headfirst into the gun world quickly becoming a voice in Second Amendment Advocacy.

After numerous TV, radio, and podcast appearances, Yehuda decided to embrace The Pew Pew Jew and is now attempting to dispel the notion that “all Jews are anti-gun.” He is battling every day to give a voice to those Jews that are proud gun owners and staunch defenders of the Second Amendment.

Yehuda is an award-winning Second Amendment Advocate, author, and public speaker living with his wife and kids in Texas.

“The Jewish nation has a long history of heroes and warriors who have fought for freedom against some form of tyranny for thousands of years,” Remer said in a statement. He noted that by joining the board, it “will allow me to continue the Jewish warrior tradition to ensure the American people can exercise their God-given right to protect themselves how they see fit.”


“The Second Amendment is the only thing separating us from tyranny. I am honored and humbled to share a platform with other great patriots, ensuring all Americans remain free from tyranny. As I say, People with ARs don’t get in cattle cars.” – Yehuda Remer

Kerrie Ann Auclair is a firearms instructor, the Massachusetts state delegate for Women For Gun Rights, and the Advocacy Director and Women’s Programs Assistant for Gun Owners’ Action League.

Auclair is also the co-host of a local access TV show and video podcast called Sisters in Arms – A Firearm Story. It’s noted, the show is “hosted by Rene Gagne and Kerrie Ann Auclair, the Sisters In Arms – a Firearm Story podcast is a pro-Second Amendment show with frequent guests and a national audience reach. From a women’s perspective, the podcast promotes safe and responsible firearms ownership, focusing on instruction while defending the right to self-defense against gun-control legislation.”

During a recent so-called gun law listening tour last year in Massachusetts, Auclair closely followed the stops and made note of what she was hearing. The Gun Owners’ Action League held a rally in response to a bill that was introduced that contradicted what most attendees of the tour heard were prospective problems in Auclair’s native Bay State. Auclair spoke at the rally and some of her astute observations were quoted in news coverage.


Gun rights organizations present at the rally disagreed on the clarity of the bill and expressed anger about not feeling heard. Kerrie Ann Auclair specifically raised the concern about these restrictions impacting women’s ability to defend themselves, emphasizing the importance of self-defense.

“When you put a gun on the hip of a woman, it creates an equalizer against a bad guy that weighs 200 pounds,” said Auclair, the state representative for the DC Project and an instructor at Armed Women of America. Many women who attend her classes are survivors of domestic abuse or have witnessed violent crimes and seek the knowledge to protect themselves.

“As a firm believer in the Second Amendment, I am passionate about safeguarding our civil rights,” Auclair said when asked about her election to the board. “I advocate for education as the safety foundation, fostering responsible gun ownership, and nurturing a society that values freedom over government overreach. That is why I am honored to join an organization dedicated to defending our Second Amendment rights.”

How the two will be put to use in the organization, I don’t know. But what I do know is that the pair joining the board will be valuable to attain whatever goals they set. Their potential contributions were celebrated by the SAI’s president. “I am honored to have Kerrie Ann and Yehuda join SAI’s Board of Directors,” said Tyler Yzaguirre. “Both are Second Amendment powerhouses, and have dedicated many years to defending the Second Amendment.”


I wish nothing but the best for Auclair and Remer. It’s an honor to be able to bring to light their accomplishments and share in their joy with them. As with all friends to Bearing Arms, we’ll be keeping in touch with these two patriots and report back with whatever newsworthy work they’re up to.

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