[Video] Gun Control Solutions are Dishonest Solutions

There’s so much violence committed in our society, yet the nation is fixated on gun violence, specifically.  The reason, Noir says, is because it’s easy. Advancing gun control solutions makes people feel like they’re Doing Something. It’s much harder, he argues, to pay attention to the mentally disturbed individual living in our neighborhood or caring about what goes on in the inner city than it is to point to guns as the problem and advance legislation as the solution.


Consider the woman who has to walk through a bad neighborhood at night coming home from work, or the young lady who has to protect her ranch near the border from drug cartels who possess fully-automatic weapons, he says. Lawmakers and gun-control advocates are not in a position to tell other people how they can protect themselves if they don’t know what those people go through on a daily basis, Noir argues.

“How serious are we about protecting kids and ourselves? Because if we’re serious, and I mean really serious, that means we have to take a look not only at the people around us, but at ourselves. What happens when you take the gun out of gun violence? That’s right, you still have violence. Gun control isn’t a solution—it’s a band aid on a bullet hole.”

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