The Second Amendment: America's real right to choose

The national controversy surrounding pro-choice came to a head recently in Colorado.

You know… the argument concerning a woman’s choice whether she arms herself with a gun.

Of course, whenever anyone talks about “a woman’s right to choose,” some people apparently have to bring up abortion, and Colorado’s Second Amendment battle highlighted this perplexity.

Earlier this year Colorado Democrats voted to restrict guns and ammo, and gun-grabbing liberals all the way to the White House gloated that Colorado was the new model of “commonsense” infringements on the Second Amendment.  Fortunately, grassroots organizations like “I Am Created Equal,” a women’s rights group in Colorado Springs, fought back.

The overwhelming and some say unexpected success of the recall effort shows that Colorado women vigorously defended their Second Amendment rights. As a result, arrogant anti-gun politicians John Morse and Angela Giron were booted from office.

Now, anti-gun Democrats across the country who swooped in with money to try to save Morse and Giron (folks like billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) just hope that no one outside Colorado paid much attention to the fact that though they had a 6:1 spending advantage and much more name recognition, the election still blew up in their faces.

Prior to their defeat, one of the extreme political tactics employed by groups supporting Morse and Giron was theri attempt desperately to rebrand the recall as an orchestrated attack on women and reproductive rights. The group “We Can Do Better, Colorado” ran a commercial that suggested the GOP challengers, Bernie Herpin and George Rivera were cavemen ready to drag women by their hair away from abortion clinics and birth-control providers.

Yes, Republicans Herpin and Rivera made the “mistake” (according to progressive Democrats) of being pro-life. Mix that with their pro-choice stance supporting every law-abiding American’s right to bear arms (or not), and Herpin and Rivera might as well have been lepers in biblical times as far as the Colorado Democrat Party was concerned.

But despite the drama, reality produced the most memorable and offensive image of this heated battle, where one of anti-gun Democrats recommending women urinate on themselves to fend off rapists.

With that fatuous self-defense option in mind, Colorado women responded with a resounding national statement that they value their right to bear arms almost as much as Nancy Pelosi’s Colorado allies value Planned Parenthood. 

The Democrat Party just does not believe guns should be a choice. To them, “choice” means abortion, period. Their problem seems to be that the majority of Americans, 58 percent, do not agree.

On the other hand, 65 percent of Americans do agree that the right to bear arms ensures freedom.

No matter how hard Democrats try to ignore reality, they cannot escape the fact that guns help to provide women true independence.

Based on the Colorado recall results, if Democrats were serious about empowering women, the party would step back from its myopic assumptions of what “choice” means to women.

For many women, it means the choice between a .22, .38 , or .45.

Nov 29, 2021 4:30 PM ET