A Shot Rings Out from the Foothills

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the right to bear arms, it is pertinent for everyone to delve a little deeper into the true meaning of what having a firearm can provide. Sure, we’ve heard the arguments on each side of the fence, but have we considered those that can’t speak out for themselves? By this I mean, the little ones, the citizens who don’t have that right to vote, that ability to write a letter to congressmen and women.


When people blur the meaning of owning a firearm between those that need to utilize them and those that use them for aggressive means, they fail to recognize that the gun is not the problem; it is the person behind the trigger that causes such great controversy over this issue.

Have you ever looked into the hollowed eyes of a child, and wished you could help to put food on their table?

Or been aware enough to watch as they squirm in their seats during class; due to the inability to overcome their growling stomach’s cry for nourishment instead of focusing on learning the topic being presented? As a former teacher, (now disabled), hunger was an obstacle so few thought to consider when a student acted up or seemed “lost in space” instead of focused; yet being one the children felt safe talking to, I learned of many instances where children simply could care less about the lesson, their grade or report card; and instead were merely interested in what was for lunch. It is hard to believe, but there were numerous children who ate only when at school!

Have you visited a family doing everything they can to provide and still falling short in a failing economy?

If not, then you do not recognize the necessity of firearms for those living in rural areas.  They do not ask for handouts, they do not even speak of their turmoil, they simply go out and do something about the problem, they go hunting!


They do this by not only feeding their families, but also touching upon the heritage of the ancestors all children have every right to learn and know about. There are great gatherings of family and friends (male and female), surrounding the annual gun sightings, hunting, skeet shooting contests, or target practice; encouraging former generations to impart knowledge of self sufficient living and how to handle a gun safely, hunt safely and survive regardless of monetary status. Teaching of safety and technique, along with honoring hunting dates/regulations, they will often retreat after season is complete to butcher their own catch, working hard even after the game has been successfully captured in order to assure winter time provisions upon the table. The fertile soil offers only so much nourishment and can not be depended upon to last a full winter for one never knows the ins and outs of nature and what the summer months will allow to spring forth; abundance or drought.

So many children believe that the food upon their tables comes from simply the “store”. The majority of people in our area realizes and are content to recognize the true source of their meals. Heritage has taught the country folk how to survive. Heritage of the Second Amendment!

In our area there are sabbaticals allowed from the school week (at some of the schools, mostly rural school systems) during hunting season in order to help provide nourishment for families. Which if you study the history of “schooling” you will find that harvest time and hunting seasons are exactly the reason for the summer/fall breaks that kids so enjoy today; without prior knowledge as to exactly WHY they receive months off during the year.


Some of my fondest memories are of watching my father skeet shoot or prepare to go coon hunting as the old blue tick bayed loudly and anxiously. Our home was actually paid off by the hides that ol’ coon dog hunted diligently for; as my daddy tracked to each tree and reaped what he had sown in the years it took to train his blue tick to tree so reliably. I will never forget the pride I felt so intensely for my daddy and his ability to provide for his family; not only food from his various other hunts but also monetary benefits from the hides he carefully prepared for selling in order to complete his obligation to the bank, and finally fully own the home he chose for his wife and three children.

Step back from that edge of giving up your rights my friends. For inevitably giving up one single right will create a capsize of many others. We must stand strong, united, and knowledgeable on government intervention; or should I say violation of our Amendment rights. Remember, knowledge, being proactive and keeping an open mind is key to remaining a FREE America. Perhaps it is time to reflect on just how we became a free nation, how those still exercising those rights are utilizing them to not only survive, but to protect, serve their country, and encompass their heritage which is so vital to knowing who one really is. Without knowledge of where you came from how will you ever know where you are heading?


It’s one more day in the country, one more opportunity to seek and find nourishment that will last until the next hunting season. This country girl prays that all are successful in their quest to retain their life sustaining equipment: their shotguns, rifles, and firearms. Before you elect anyone into any office having dominance and voting privileges that we are not privy to, stop and think about those in the rural areas; maybe this year will be better than the last concerning the firm grasp we now have on awareness of how important that Second Amendment is to so many.

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