High School Student Explains Why She's Not Doing The #NationalSchoolWalkout

In remembrance of the victims that died during the Columbine High School shooting 19 years ago, high school students across the country are participating in a national school walkout to protest gun violence and draw attention to, and garner support for, gun control.

The Parkland activists are once again leading the charge.

Of course, the official March for Our Lives Twitter account tweeted an inflammatory article and image of a price tag, insinuating politicians are allowing children to die for money.

Chants for gun control are filling the streets.

But not everyone is on board with the #NationalSchoolWalkout.

RedState’s Brandon Morse took to Twitter to voice his opposition to the walkouts, saying, “Walking out of class isn’t going to pressure anyone to change their minds on gun control.” Morse also explained that these walkouts would only fire up Second Amendment supporters even more.

While many high school students are walking out of their schools, other students are choosing to go to their classes. Of course, the mainstream media continues to ignore these voices that proudly support gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

Meet Alexis Buxton, a high school student from Scott City, Kansas. Rather than walk out of her classes, she’s representing herself.

“Me and my classmates won’t be walking out on April 20th because we all believe in the same thing,” she says. “We believe that we have a right to bear arms, we believe in the Second Amendment. And we don’t see the point in missing out on classes and missing out on learning.”

Alexis goes on to say, “The only thing I have in common with the people who have been in school shootings, like Parkland, and like Columbine, is they are the same age as me. And they were going to high school. And I think that everyone has the right to feel safe in their own school.”

As Kansas is a state where gun ownership is prevalent, Alexis explains that people living there take their Second Amendment rights seriously, and they take the gun control rhetoric seriously, as well.

“A lot of people here hunt and a lot of people here have concealed-carry weapons to protect themselves,” she says. “A lot of the people who are talking about ‘Never Again’ are extremists, and they don’t want anyone to be able to own guns. And a lot of people here take that to heart.”

Alexis then states what every gun supporter and Second Amendment supporter believes: “I don’t think taking away everyone’s guns will stem gun violence, but I think maybe teaching people and having them respect guns can.”

There are students like Alexis all across the country, but gun control activists drone out their voices. It’s long past time to give these students a megaphone.