GOP Candidate Releases First TV Campaign Ad With Gun By Her Side

It’s often not enough for people to simply agree to disagree when it comes to a politician’s policy proposals anymore. For reasons rational people don’t understand, there are voters out there who believe death threats are the appropriate way to influence their representative’s decision-making. Threatening phone calls to Congressmen and women have become the norm–and Leah Vukmir, a GOP candidate who’s running to be Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator, knows these phone calls all too well.


In Vukmir’s first television campaign ad, a camera pans across a darkened room where viewers see pictures of Vukmir’s family. Among the family photos sits a telephone, playing threatening voicemails left for the hopeful candidate. As the camera continues to move, Vukmir begins to speak and is eventually seen sitting in her dining room with a holstered handgun by her side. Vukmir states that she has received threats before, but that she will not let those threats deter her from implementing conservative policies.

Vukmir is currently a state senator representing Wisconsin’s 5th District, a position that she has held since 2011. Nine years before being elected to the state senate, Vukmir became a member of the state Assembly, where she filled Governor Scott Walker’s vacant seat. With a political career more than a decade-long, Vukmir is trying to position herself as an outsider and show that she is a staunch supporter of the president. With her new ad, she may also be trying to make up political ground, as her opponent Kevin Nicholson, a Wisconsin businessman, is said to be leading her by 14 points. However, with the primary election just under two months away, Vukmir has some time to try to catch up.


And thanks to her television ad, the GOP candidate is finally getting some attention. Of course, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment proponents have not been able to hold back their displeasure over Vukmir using a firearm in her video. Several critics tweeted their anger over the state senator’s support for the right to bear arms and her subtle promise to protect herself and her family from threats.

Vukmir describes herself as “100% pro-gun” and touts her “A” rating from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund. Her campaign website also states that “she would oppose efforts to start a federal gun registry.” However, the site doesn’t provide much more detail on her support for the Second Amendment. With all of the talk about gun control, such as changes to legal age requirements to purchase semi-automatic rifles, the banning of bump stocks, and restrictions on high capacity magazines, Second Amendment supporting Wisconsinites may want to know where she stands on those issues.


Wisconsin’s GOP primary will be held on August 14, and the winner will take on incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) in November.

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