In today’s political world, professional athletes often enter the political fray to give their takes on current events. But sometimes, athletes get dragged into debates unwillingly, especially when old, “controversial” comments, Instagram posts, or tweets resurface and the social media mob demands an apology and retraction for whatever “sin” the athlete may have committed.

Enter Major League Baseball player and Boston Red Sox right fielder J.D. Martinez.

Earlier this week, the social media mob dug up a nearly six-year-old, “controversial” Instagram post from the baseball star.

The post, seen below, is a picture of Adolf Hitler, with the following quote attributed to him: “To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s (sic) citizens.”

In the post caption, Martinez voices his opposition to the meme and defends the Second Amendment. It reads, “This is why I will always stay strapped! #thetruth.”

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This is why I will always stay strapped! #thetruth

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