Parkland Father Doubles Down on Viral Tweet Telling Dems to 'Go to Hell' in New Video

(C.M. Guerrero/Miami Herald via AP, File)

A Parkland parent whose tweet went viral after he told Democrats to “go to hell” for implementing policies that failed to protect his daughter who was killed during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting isn’t apologizing. Not only is he refusing to apologize for the comment, he’s doubling down.


In a new Twitter video, Parkland parent Andrew Pollack explains the reason for his tweet and tells his followers and the rest of the country that he’s not taking anything back.

“I’ve never been a political guy. I never got into politics up until 2016 when I saw what direction our country was going,” Pollack states at the beginning of his video.

“It’s the first time I voted,” he adds.

But even after the election, Pollack explains he still wasn’t all that involved in politics–that is until February 14, 2018, when his life changed forever.

The day of the shooting, Pollack, like every other parent with a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, was trying to find information about his child. By showing pictures of his daughter, Meadow, to a reporter, Pollack hoped more people would see it and be able to provide him with information on where she was. But the photo the reporter took of Pollack looking for his daughter got attention for an entirely different reason. People, Democrats, in particular, didn’t seem to care about a father searching for his lost daughter, they only seemed to care about the “Trump 2020” t-shirt he happened to be wearing.


“What I really want is a picture of my daughter getting out there into the news, hoping that someone would know or saw my daughter,” he explained. “At that time, [the reporter] posted that picture out there, that’s when all that hate mail started coming in on me from mostly Democrats. Sick, demented Democrats started writing me, attacking me, for wearing a freaking shirt that had Trump 2020 on it, when I was just finding out my daughter was murdered,” he continued.

As more information about the shooting came out, Pollack started to realize who’s policies were really to blame for his daughter’s death.

“I started finding out why my daughter got murdered, and the ‘Democrat’ word came up again,” he said.

Pollack then lists all of the people–the Democratic sheriff, the Democratic superintendent, the Democratic teacher’s union–whose policies didn’t protect his daughter or the 16 other teachers and students who lost their lives that day.

To “#FixIt,” Pollack has a solution, and it’s not to keep voting for Democrats.


“Make sure you get out and vote Republican November 6th,” he encourages viewers, endorsing current Florida Governor Rick Scott for U.S. Senate and current Congressman Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor.

You can watch the entire video below.

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