G26 CQC7

Virtually everyone that learns I am a shooter and instructor asks if I carry a handgun.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Friend:  “Really?  You carry a gun?”

Me:  “Yes I do.”

Friend: “Where?”

Me:  “Everywhere.  I even carry a spear gun in the shower.”

Friend:  “No!”

Me:  “No; but everywhere else.”

Friend:  “But why?”

Why indeed?  I usually hit on a few of the high points, issues of logic, common sense, gentle persuasion enabling those that already know me to accept a side of me previously unimagined, for few are prone to think a teacher of English or a professional, classically trained Tenor a swaggering gunslinger.  Employing my most frequently used weapon—the keyboard—I’ll try to explain.

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